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Matze Jahn
I'm fat

Wallpaper Other by micrix 4 comments

:D this is damn funny and sooo true LOL nice work! - Jan 30 2004
problems solved

Wallpaper Other by pmandrake 4 comments

this is great ^^ down with m$! :D - Jan 30 2004
[KDE] Ray of Light [1280x1024]

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by moty66 6 comments

hehe that's not all that easy I guess. a lot of changes must be done to the backlight etc.
anyways, this wallpaper is really, really awesome. you say it's your first one? congratulations! :) - Jan 30 2004
Open Your Mind. Use Open Source.

Wallpaper Other by caveman 7 comments

very simple but this really is a picture that carries a message. nice! - Jan 30 2004

Wallpaper Other by th.cherouny 3 comments

the shape looks really cool, nice work. but I'd use less different colors. maybe you should give it a try :) - Jan 30 2004
*Kill Bill*

Wallpaper Other by Chaaun 41 comments

hehe really nice :) keep it up!
klown 4 ever ;) - Jan 30 2004

Wallpaper Other by vicko 30 comments

yea, calm down.. even if so, it's only m$ :D
i think the idea is really cool but i don't like this "version" of tux. - Jan 30 2004
SuperKaramba desktop

KDE Plasma Screenshots by wizzard 4 comments

an awesome piece of work! very nice. it'd be cool if you'd post the themes you used or release this as a complete themeset :) - Jan 30 2004