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Arno Cronje

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by 2sev
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Apr 29 2011
Hi there,

I'm a huge fan of your theme. However, with the 11.04, the new Unity panel looks kind of weird ( - the text appears to be bold and slightly blurred (something to do with aliasing? it's more visible on my monitor than the screenshot). Is it possible you could modify the theme (to use the same text style that was used in gnome-panel in 10.10), or at least direct me in the right direction to do it myself?

always appreciated,


- May 22 2011
Awesome, you are legendary. I really love this theme. Thanks for making the best theme on! - Apr 04 2011
thanks, if you need any help replicating the problem just let me know. - Apr 04 2011
This theme has a bug that affects QT applications. To test, install Clementine music player. To test, go to playlist>shuffle mode and watch the dropdown menu flicker when the cursor moves. Apart from this, the theme is absolutely perfect, and is one of only a few, which is why I would really like this fixed.


Arno - Apr 02 2011

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Mar 30 2011
Really a great theme, excellent job. Thanks! - Apr 02 2011

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by 2sev

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Jun 15 2011

by ineo

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9   Apr 11 2011

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by lassekongo83

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