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Darkness emerald theme

Beryl/Emerald Themes 7 comments

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May 12 2010
Thank you and glad you like it.

I have had some thoughts about it but been to lazy to do anything about it yet. - May 31 2010
Not sure wich of the wallpapers you are thinking of but here are two links: - May 11 2010
Darkness theme for DockbarX

DockbarX Themes 10 comments

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Jun 01 2010
I guess you mean the transparency of the actual windows?

That is done with rgba enabled for windows along with the murrine engine for gtk.

This link shows how to activate it in general:

Or you have the link to my darkness gtk-theme with rgba enabled: - May 30 2010
i am glad you like it, i have begun working slightly on a brighter "version" of my whole Darkness set, but it is still early in the process and far from finished - May 23 2010
Will try to get the emerald theme up soon. As for the GTK theme it is not 100% complete yet, and to make it more complicated you need to download those extra things to enable rgba for murrine themes (can't actually remember the name of them at the moment).

But to make it worse you also need to recompile it to change the opacity levels for all parts to blend in nicely. So i need to write some guide on how to install the GTK theme before i complete it. - May 05 2010
Darkness gtk2 (rgba true)

GTK2 Themes 57 comments

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May 30 2010
Unfortunately i have no idea, this is my first gtk-theme to make so am no expert on it. But i would guess that it would be something in the murrine engine in that case. - May 28 2010
My icons are a bit mixed, the folder icons are primarily Pry with a few minor modifications on a some. - May 21 2010
Glad you got it sorted, for any uninstallation in the future i think you can just follow the guide on the bottom of this page: - May 19 2010
I am very pleased to hear you like it since it is my first gtk theme to make.

I still have a few things to do with the whole darkness themeset, a better fix for open office without the use of Nox, a non rgba version of it with metacity windowborders and finish up some themes for screenlets and so.

When all of that is done i have plans on making a "white" version of darkness. - May 18 2010
Not sure wich one, all images has a different wallpaper.

The Ubuntu wallpaper can be found here:

For the rose:

Last one i can't remember where i found it. - May 17 2010
Ok, well i'm glad you got it sorted out one way or the other. The window borders that i use is not a metacity theme. You have to use Emerald for that.

I have the emerald theme here: - May 12 2010
Can just inform that i am working some on a small fix for Open Office.

Basically it will be to create a script that launches ooffice with another gtkrc file. See link:

But instead of using a completely different theme wich may have different appearance when it comes to buttons, scrollbars, colors etc i am working on a new gtkrc file specifically for Open Office with the Darkness theme.
It may however take a day or two for me to have enough time to complete it. - May 12 2010
Pidgin screenlet with the facebook plugin - May 12 2010
That is a common problem with OpenOffice and running dark gtk themes, makes OO look bad.

There are a few different solutions on how to get OO to run with another theme instead, but i don't have any links for that at the moment. If i find any i will post them.

And there are also some applications that doesn't support window transparancy, OpenOffice is one of those. - May 12 2010
Ok,then your computer should probably be able to handle the rgba. But if i understand correctly the theme itself works and you get transparent windows, the problem is that your wallpaper dissapears?

Don't think i have seen any posts about anyone with that problem but will google around some and see if i find anything about it. - May 12 2010
Is your computer able to play nice with compiz and extra visual effects enabled?

I am not an expert on how the rgba window opacity works but if the computer is a bit older it may be that your graphics can't handle the rgba opacity. - May 11 2010
Seems more like that is related to some source list for xmms packages.

Try disabling that source by going to System > Administration > Software Sources

I should be listed under the tab for "Other Software".

After that reload your sources list. - May 11 2010
Thanks for that note, will have to update the guide.

As for the problem with zenity i haven't used that myself. I did google a little bit though and found this page, maybe it can give some help?

There are some comments mentioning zenity and the output. - May 11 2010
I have modified my icontheme quite a bit so it is a bit of a mix.

If i am not mistaken it is primarily based on Humanity Colors but using Pry Folder icons (with minor modifications on some of those as well) - May 11 2010
ok, just recompiled my own murrine engine with ./configure --prefix=/usr/ --enable-animation, that will automatically give you animated progressbar and so.

(also updated the installation guide with that option) - May 11 2010
personally i have built without, my own installation has been exactly the same as listed above - May 11 2010
Yes, that is how i have installed it myself. - May 11 2010
When you use the sudo checkinstall you basically only need to press enter on all questions until it is done. - May 11 2010
Unfortunately i don't know anything about PowerPC. Personally i use amd64 wich has worked fine for me. - May 11 2010
Been working on it on and off for a few weeks now. Might make a few minor updates on it later on but it will have to do for now.

But as you can see there are a few steps to go through before you can actually use the theme. - May 11 2010
Darkness gtk2 (rgba false)

GTK2 Themes 2 comments

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May 30 2010
My icons are a bit mixed. In general it is based on Ubuntus Humanity icons but the folder icons are Pry System with a few minor modifications on some. - May 22 2010

DockbarX Themes 997 comments

by M7S
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Jun 24 2014
I really like the new popup preview windows that has been added.

I would however like to suggest an additional option to enable popup preview of minimized windows but keeping it separate from the "Show popup only if more than one window is open" or perhaps as a suboption that is only available when "Show popup only if more than one window is open" is checked.

Preview of minimized windows works very well with grouped applications with more then one window open. For single windows i have chosen not to have popup previews and instead use the Opacify settings only to show the application while hovering the cursor over the icon, but this does ofcourse not work if the application is minimized.

Hope you understand how i mean, if not i can send a pm in swedish to try to explain further. - May 02 2010

DockbarX Themes
by M7S

Score 84.0%
May 02 2010