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All is red (or not) !

Wallpaper Other by plmegalo 18 comments

I really love the idea of this wallpaper but my eye just gets drawn to the obvious edits on the lower half of this wall.

There's some obvious eraser/pencil marks on the lower right and cloning on the left. - Jan 13 2010

Metacity Themes by jennie 2 comments

People here never honor licenses.

The Studio theme is Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5.

Reference: - Jan 12 2010
Ubuntu Studio Watermark

Wallpapers Ubuntu by Ronaoke 2 comments

It's ok. It's a bit brand-heavy with the 2 logos.

Just a note, the current logo is clean also. The only place the "distressed" logo was used was a limited run of hooded sweatshirts. - Mar 10 2009
This should be relicensed since you don't have permission to the image.

Really it's shocking the amount of items on this site people "find" and think it's proper to free license it. - Mar 04 2009
Fedora Gulp

Wallpaper Other by joshuajtl 2 comments

This should be removed as it's license isn't certain. - Feb 05 2009

System Sounds by superman-is-deady 3 comments

For sure these are ripped from the game and therefore cannot be GPL. These should be removed. - Aug 30 2008
Dexter Sounds

System Sounds by RuleMaker 14 comments

I don't know if these would be covered under fair use.

At the very least, a CC license would be better than GPL.

IMO, these should be removed.

They're also pretty bad edits. - Aug 30 2008

Full Icon Themes by reassuringlyoffensive 31 comments

Hello. I am now maintaining Ubuntoon on Launchpad for use in Edubuntu.

I have merged the changes from GartoonRedux. I hope you two can work together on a main set. - Feb 11 2008

Full Icon Themes by draekz 11 comments

I don't know where the COPYING file in the archive came from but the Ubuntu Studio icons, as well as the Tango icons, are under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5.

Also, I'm the maintainer of this set. If you can tell me what new icons you made (not ones pulled from other sets) I can see about putting them the mainline set.

I like the icons for the new xdg-user-dirs you show. - Feb 11 2008

Full Icon Themes by DesolateOne 7 comments

The fact remains that the majority of these icons are owned by Apple and _ALL_ these sets should be removed. - Feb 11 2008
Gartoon Redux

Full Icon Themes by Tweenk 95 comments

+1 to working together. I'm managing this new effort in Launchpad under Ubuntoon. I've merged your changes. - Feb 11 2008