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Audio Apps by adeodato 6 comments

Hey, thanks!, glad you like it. It still hasn't reached 1.0, so rough edges are to be expected. ;) Down to the specifics:

> bar s/mins... can i use it ??

If you mean the position slider, yes, this is expected. But since I may be switching from GStreamer to Phonon when I port Minirok to KDE4, I'm waiting on this, because I don't want to implement it twice.

> - ???? Bar volume !!!!!
> - tabs of playlists

Both are in the "possible TODO" list. Personally I don't use volume bars in players, just use global keybindings for KMix, but since several people have asked for this, I guess I'll do it. Tabs, maybe.

> - (optional for user -> desactivate the panel left, explore files.. only when i want use it. (option in the menu))

Maybe better than a menu option, a button/vertical tab in the left, as Amarok has.

> - GLOBAL SHORTCURTS !!!!!! please too :)

I cannot live without global shortcuts myself, but sadly the PyKDE bindings for KDE3 have a bug where using global bindings make the application crash. There is a README.Usage about how to configure global bindings using dcop.

Thanks for the feedback! - Jan 01 2008