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May 11 2010
I have requested a pull at github. Check it out and let me know if there are any issues :) - May 23 2010
I had updated the rpm. Sorry, forgot to inform you. Check it out now and let me know if i am missing something. - May 19 2010
There is no need to execute the install script as the spec file installs the application in rpm not the script.
I actually packaged it a few days ago so have used 1.0. I will update it once the current rpm is accepted into fedora repository. - May 17 2010
I have written a new install script for kfilefactory. This script will enable all the users to use kfilefactory. There won't be need of copying the file in the home of each and every user but how do I add this script to the existing code archive?
Also please include a license like GPL with your code archive so that I can make a request to include the rpm of kfilefactory in fedora repository. - May 09 2010
It would be nice if you include a license with the code archive. - May 09 2010
Hey it worked on fedora 12 kde spin. I can package it to create an rpm, if you want. - May 09 2010
I just tried it for Fedora 12 on Dolphin. It is not working for me.
~/.kde/bin/ and ~/.kde/share/apps/dolphin/servicemenus/ does not exist. I created these folder and copied the files but still no change. - May 03 2010