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Brandon Konkle Dallas, Texas, United States of America
Earthen Ibex

Wallpaper Other by rico-ambiescent 6 comments

I love this wallpaper! I'm using it on Intrepid beta now. I use dual monitors at 2560x1024 - is there any way that you could provide the source file, or create a modified version for 2560x1024 that allows the full Ibex head to be in view along with the Ubuntu logo in the bottom-right? When I manually resize it in GIMP, the logo is cut off at the bottom in order to preserve the Ibex silhouette.

Thanks! - Oct 11 2008

Wallpaper Other by xactive 13 comments

Wow, you are being very rude to this artist who is kind enough to share his work with us and reasonable to expect 10 cents a click in return. . . is it because you are jealous of his accomplishment, or are you just this remarkably unpleasant all of the time? - Apr 26 2007