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Adrian Dumitru Piatra Neamt, Romania
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Dec 21 2008
you must unpack allarchives. (inside you have another 2 achives -- unpack them)
skylight-red is for gnome, and second are for emerald. and make shure (after unpack) if you have read permission for all files (chmod 644) - Dec 27 2008
fairy flower

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Oct 30 2008
You have very beautiful pictures on your site. Good work, keep on !
And visit my site too, at

I have visit other countries and i plan to visit your country too...are many places on the world that must be visited...
- Oct 30 2008

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Oct 25 2008

Rose Linux 2008 is a Ubuntu Intrepid based distribution, make by Adrian Dumitru. (
It have Gnome Desktop as default (at version 2.24.1) and LXDE as optional
Default theme is skylight-red (usplash,gdm and desktop themes), icons are OxygenRefit2-red. It have 4 gtk2-themes make by me: skylight,skylight-red,Midnight and Midnight-red - all blue and red.
Rose Linux is a distribution for desktop users and for linux developers.It include a lot of software: multimedia, games, office, education, internet and development.
From KDE include Dolphin with Oxygen theme, Celestia,Kstars,Stelarium (version 0.10-beta),Marble,Kget,Ktorrent,Kopete,Kompozer (ex. Nvu),Kleansweep, Krename,Krusader,Kedit,Kdesudo, K3B, SMPlayer...
Frome Gnome it have 3.0,Abiword,Firefox,Thunderbird,Seamonkey, Pidgin,Totem-gstreamer,Gimp 2.6,Gthumb (here I have fixed error with ipmort photos from digital camera), Gparted...
I have included Wine emulator,QTemu emulator,Qtparted,Ophcrakc,ClamTK antivirus,Etherape,AcetoneISO2,,IsoMaster, Opera,GoogleEarth 4.3.7,Google Gadgets,Prism,Linux DC++,Limewire 4.18,Skype,D4x,Azureus 3 and 4,Real Player 11, Adobe Reader 8, Avidemux,Audacity,Grip,Gnomeradio,TVtime and KDEtv -for TV-tuner card,XMMS (old version),audacious,exaile and many others...
Most of all the games included require 3D acceleration, here are Chess and Zasx from Fedora project,Neverball,Briquolo,Foobillard,Chromium,Open Invaders, Supertux 2, and others ...
I have included proprietary drivers for HP laser printers (not for all). For NVidia and ATI cards you will ned to enable these drivers with envy from menu (don`t require a network conection, they are already present)
If your pc have a good video card - you will have a full desktom with Compiz as defaut desktop.It have Screenlets and Google Gadgets.
It have suport for lightscribe devices, Lightscribe (4L-gui) is a program for these devices.
It have all multimedia codecs (included w32 codecs),flash player 10 and full java support.
On /var/SOFTWARE are some installers: CrossOverOffice,Reconstructor and Ubuntu Customization Kit (UCK).
Rose Linux have 2 GB, and after install have 5+ GB. (need a 10 GB partition)
On DVD I have included Parted Magic 2.5 that run from RAM so don`t need to boot Rose Linux to partition the disk. ( at boot will ask between Rose and Parted Magic) These version of PM have Visparted with wipe disk posibility. - Oct 25 2008
I hope that severe illnes can to be cured.Is very hard to see somewone close that have cancer... - Oct 09 2008

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Sep 23 2008
Multumesc, dar sa sti ca sunt roman cu R si e ok sa-mi scri in romana. Ma bucur cand mai vad cate un linuxist roman.... - Sep 25 2008
Also in trminal execute command " locate Purisa "
and will show you where are. - Sep 24 2008
Normaly this font are in /usr/share/fonts/truetype/thai
Can be in /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/truetype/ However this font must be somwere instaled. I find just Purisa.ttf, try to search for Purisa in nautilus you will find somewere. - Sep 24 2008
titlebar_font=Purisa Bold 9
This font are set from emerald theme - Sep 24 2008
Linux means to be free, so you can change everything on you taste, you can use what you want.....I`m glad you like this theme. - Sep 24 2008
Cheerios-33Stars, is not made by on to find. - Sep 23 2008

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Sep 12 2008
Thankyou for good ideea, i will make red and black, but if you want you can edit evrithing on this theme with gimp (just images) and setings by editing gtkrc script with an text editor. - Sep 12 2008
Trash and Firefox icons 128 pixel

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Aug 14 2008
....some sexy things. - Aug 15 2008
O3 (Ozone) Final version

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May 29 2008
I try to see also in xfce how it look, and it look perfect, i have no problem with this theme on xfce, work like in gnome.
If you can change your theme in xfce from "control center" is ok. - May 31 2008
Itry to fix that blue glow, i`m not shure from where are...maybe are from compiz or emerald...I work at this theme,i try to understand every script of this theme. - May 29 2008
A huge star

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May 09 2008
Becose the sun are 10 time biger and much more reallity you can`n even survive, you`l be burn in second.
OK this are fantasy.. this picture are modified from reality. - May 09 2008
city under fog

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Nov 25 2007
I apologise, now is correct rezolution - Nov 25 2007

Wallpaper Other 4 comments

by manro
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Nov 01 2007
nice picture, I want this winter to be like in your picture...last winter was very hot, at least 10*C hot than normal. - Nov 01 2007