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Vlad Adrian Bucuresti, Romania
Sorry but i can't wait :)'s how u can fix it (until some1 finds a better way) : open ~/.screenlets/CPU_Meter/, comment the following lines in on_draw() function from
Quote:if self.cpu_update:
mem = self.get_mem()
self.last_mem = mem
mem = self.last_mem

Quote:#if self.cpu_update:
mem = self.get_mem()
#self.last_mem = mem
#mem = self.last_mem

Carrefull with the indentation or the script will fail - Feb 29 2008
The animation is very nice and smooth i like it, however i have one problem with the memory meter, it doesn't update...was it intended that way? Thanks! - Feb 29 2008
Learning To Fly

Wallpaper Other by vladstudio 4 comments

Very nice wallpaper. Thanks! - Feb 25 2008
Moment of Impact

Wallpaper Other by adriannvl 2 comments

Hi, i'm glad u like it, well this it's made using Photoshop emulated with wine ;) - Feb 23 2008