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Wallpaper Other by Bear73 3 comments

The style and shapes look really good and professional. The animal is really well integrated (are you sure it's a lynx and not a tiger?)

Well, one funny thing about the lucid release is, that if it was not the new default color, people would have hated purple... but now it's cool - Mar 15 2010
Human Elementary

GTK2 Themes by aegluin 6 comments

Well, as I have stated, I did not claim that it looks much different from the default theme. I only added the breadcrumbs pathbar on request. I am not responsible for the boringness of Ubuntu karmic's default theme.

Please don't take your disappointment out on me but go to - Mar 15 2010
Lucid Space

Wallpaper Other by aegluin 5 comments

You can download the xcf file and remove one layer in Gimp. That's why I seperated the logo from the background gradient ;-) - Mar 14 2010