keramik style + translucent kicker

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by KrAzY 131 comments

..fine on my 7.2 and 7.3 SuSE box and heck it loved my 8.0 laptop. If you can't get a kde app to compile then something isn't right. It's most likely your path.

I put this in my .zshrc and had it in my .bashrc when I was running bash.


With this in the shells . file everything usually worked. I can't account for bad software but I have had very litte problem with KDE software compiling.

And before someone makes the comment " If you have to do this it will keep it off the desktop for Granny " ..just don't. Because Granny isn't compiling software and if you put Linux on your Grandmothers computer..*BAM* your tech support so you compile it. :)

- Jun 23 2002
Gorilla SVG icons

Icon Sub-Sets by simonmacmullen 16 comments

Ximian requires that if you use their logo on any product that you pay a royalty fee that is if it isn't produced directly by them.

So use the monkey and pay..or at least your suppose to pay. - Jun 19 2002
IcOsX Theme First look !

Various Stuff by shok 15 comments

Can we download them. Don't tease us :P

I think they absolutely rock. - Jun 13 2002
Fahrenheit Window Decoration

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by Rodion 50 comments

Try emailing Mosfet. I mean he seems to be one of the best qualified pixmap theme creators. He may be able to point you in the right direction.

I personally would LOVE to see the theme in the screen shot be a reality. It's damn nice. - Jun 10 2002
Reflections Series

Wallpaper Other by dflax 2 comments

Could you post version of both the silver and blue backgrounds without the lenseflare effect. I think it would kickass. I'm just really tired of that effect.

I would love to use them if the lensflare were gone.

Other then that..great job. - Jun 09 2002
tux-silver (licq-skin)

Various Stuff by patch 4 comments

I can't say I hate the outragous XP default theme. I like the silver version. It's an interesting GUI .. it's just that I broke the crack habit of MS Windows about 6 years ago and can't go back.

I like the skin you made..very nice.

Cheers! - Jun 09 2002
keramik style + translucent kicker

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by KrAzY 131 comments

Post where exactly the src is for this theme engine. The tar file you uploaded just isn't working on the older version of SuSE I have. I'd like to compile it myself. - May 28 2002

Icon Sub-Sets by xtronic 26 comments

Please post the one's you have finished these are some of the most original icons I've see in a long time. They are neither OSXish or XPish. They rock.

Keep up the good work! - May 28 2002
Modified Conectiva Splash Screen

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by secretmethod70 7 comments

..that Conectiva has been releasing is under the GPL. So free to to modify. :) - May 20 2002
Ice Age

Wallpaper Other by themesKnugen 2 comments

Could you make one with just the K logo and not K Desktop Environment. My panel takes up 1/2 of it's not really seen. :) - May 03 2002
See The Light

Wallpaper Other by catalYst 6 comments

Says the file is not found on the server. - Apr 30 2002
See The Light

Wallpaper Other by catalYst 6 comments

I would love to have the wallpaper..but the KDE wallpaper can't be found on the Windows IIS server ;)

Please try the following:

* If you typed the page address in the Address bar, make sure that it is spelled correctly.
* Open the home page, and then look for links to the information you want.
* Click the Back button to try another link.

HTTP 404 - File not found
Internet Information Services
-- - Apr 30 2002
Signs of Time

Wallpaper Other by gioachino 3 comments

Could we have a version that isn't an advert for a shopping site :) - Apr 21 2002
Signs of Time

Wallpaper Other by gioachino 3 comments

Could we have a version that isn't an advert for a shopping site :) - Apr 21 2002
Blue Boy

Wallpaper Other by daveb 9 comments

Glow. It's one of the default window dressings that comes with KDE3. Until Keramik comes's probably one of the nicest decorations out. :) - Apr 07 2002

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by ilinux 9 comments

Please do not go off on people for their choice of distribution. It's not your place to tell people what's friendly to them.

I happen to use SuSE and yes I recommend it to others but I don't force them to use it...nor do I call them stupid for doing so. By speaking as you have to this person he may never try SuSE.

BTW..your facts are even wrong .. SuSE has been around for 10 years. They were around about 2 years before RH came onto the scene. RH just got noticed in this country first because they are American.

Please use what you like and let others choose what they like as well. - Apr 07 2002

Wallpaper Other by evolove 3 comments

I like this very much. Keep them coming :) - Mar 31 2002
Oar-KDE-2.2.2 Desktop on Roids

KDE Plasma Screenshots by oar 7 comments

..the krystal icons from the theme of the same name. The author hasn't released them yet but has put up quite a few screenshots with them. It's suppose to be mid-april before they are released. - Mar 28 2002
World Domination

Wallpaper Other by HomerG 6 comments

You can go to and buy the crossover plugin..which is the only good way to run QT under Linux. :) - Mar 01 2002

Screensavers by metallman 18 comments

There is something strange though. It compiles fine on my SuSE 7.2 workstation, but fails horribly on my 7.3 workstation. Same version of QT and KDE 2.2.2. I haven't been able to figure it out.

Nice work though. - Mar 01 2002

Ice-WM Themes by Gulliver 9 comments

I really like this. It's not over powering as some of the eye candy as of late has been. Nice..simple and easy on my eyes.

Very good work! - Feb 23 2002
Internaut Buttonical 3D

Ice-WM Themes by freakone 4 comments

Nuff' Said.. - Feb 20 2002
KDE in PS2 Font

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by Karl 4 comments

Could you post a version w/ out the Lens Flare filter. Just plain black w/ the lettering would rock. - Feb 19 2002
Another Shot

Wallpaper Other by deepweep 5 comments

Awesome. Great Job. This is one of the best wallpapers I've seen in a very, very long time. Cheers! - Feb 11 2002
Rupert says:

Wallpaper Other by betatux 3 comments

This is If it's WM related could it be KDE related.. I don't dislike gnome..but I don't care to look at the stuff..some may ..that's fine. works.

- Feb 11 2002

Ice-WM Themes by gourdin 8 comments

Please leave the XP crap alone. It's just bloody ugly. - Feb 10 2002