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Andrew G , United Kingdom

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Dec 31 2011
Thank you for your excellent work in producing the 0.4.3 release. Figures for slide presentations often look better with sans serif fonts. The new template editing facility makes it easy to change the default font .. although not being a regular Latex user it took me a while to figure out how. As a suggestion a predeclared sans serif template would be useful.

Additional lines in cm_latex.ckt
\usepackage{sansmath,lmodern} and in the documents section \sffamily\sansmath

Extra package sansmath must be installed.

- Feb 09 2012
For the latest release 0.4.2 I get the following error:

/home/andrew/cirkuit-0.4.2/src/mainwindow.cpp:51:26: fatal error: KMessageWidget: No such file or directory

Am I right in thinking that KMessageWidget is not available in kubuntu 11.04 - or is there something else I need to install?

- Dec 17 2011

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by agkdb
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Apr 01 2012
Thank you for the feedback. Now that indexing and import/export are implemented I hope it is possible to recognise that this type of database offers something quite different to the databases in the various office suites - and something which is very useful.

I am probably not going to put much more into developing Qercus because of lack of time and other projects, and also because it now meets most of my needs. If I can find the time in the next few months I will implement some more base types for fields:
'Audio', which will play a specified MP3 file via phonon when a button in the field is clicked.
'Launch', which will run a specified application when a button in the field is clicked. A mechanism for passing data to the application from the Qercus field would be nice.
'PDF', which will be similar to the Www display-method, but will display a PDF file. Ideally, there would be a mechanism for indexing (perhaps a button in the field to do this). There's a library called Poppler that would do all this, but the Python interface does not look very mature.

The Python code works quite well, but was only intended as a prototype. To make a really polished application will need some volunteers .. if there are any volunteers with suitable skills I would be glad to hear from you. - Jun 10 2011
Recently I've become aware of the Sphinx text indexing/searching software.

The latest beta of Sphinx has an RT (Real Time) Index facility which allows indexed fields to be individually updated on the fly - just what we need. It supports other types of fields (integer etc.) and is also compatible with SQL databases via ODBC. As far as I can see Storm does not work via ODBC - so the database storage would have to be re-written. - Oct 03 2010
The first thing to say is that I wrote an article on this project for dot kde:

In response to this article there were over 100 downloads of version 0.12a4.

To complete the project we need to find a database engine that stores objects of variant type in tables, and has a text index/search facility with incremental update. An SQL database with an ORM can be used for storing the tables (what we do now), but with a bit of thought a pure SQL database implementation ought to be possible. The missing piece in the jigsaw is the text index/search facility. Other developers must have met this requirement, but I can't find much evidence of this on the www. I could try to stitch Xapian and SQlite (or mongoDB) together myself, but this is a rather large undertaking. At the moment I have no clear strategy - any comments or offers of help would be welcome. - Jul 28 2010
Thank you for the suggestion. I've never seen ECCO, but have just looked it up on Wikipedia. I haven't quite understood what the outline facility does.

One of the uncompleted menu options is for an 'Overview' facility, which might be a similar thing. The intention is that in overview mode one selected field type (e.g. Author) for all of the records in the viewed hit-list(s) will be shown in the main pane. This is another idea from Blackwells' Idealist program. - Jun 30 2010
Thank you for the comment. The colours for each record type and for each field type can be chosen under the Define menu. There are a dozen or so options, including 'default', in which case they will be taken from the desktop defaults.

Increasing the range of available styles (fonts as well as colours) is something for the future. - Jun 01 2010
I have tried to capture (and extend) the best features of Blackwell Idealist (no longer available) - a very efficient and useful Windows 95 program which I have used as a research tool for 15 years. The desirable features of Idealist are:

- Indexing of all records and extremely fast searching for words and phrases in databases containing thousands of records.

- Records may contain any number of fields of any type - and each field has its own style (colour/font etc.).

- The possibility of including pages of notes within the database - for example I can create a record which acts like an index of topics (using buttons to run macros for search and goto operations). If you have a large database this is an invaluable facility - it lets you structure your data.

- Every database has a home record - and there is a button to take you straight there.

- A very simple interface - nothing more than a page display of the current record with the fields in rows with everything instantly visible. Idealist also has way of presenting records in a more elaborate way, but I have never found it useful. Idealist also lets you see an overview of the current hit list (i.e. the records returned by the most recent search) - which is occasionally useful.

- Flexibility with regard to the type of of objects in each field. Here Idealist shows its age - now we can easily do more. It ought to be possible to write plug-ins for all kinds of object. For example fields could contain a caption and a link to an MP3 file - which can be played by clicking a button.

I must emphasise that the Knowledge prototype is designed to illustrate the ideas - the indexing and macro facilities are not implemented. While there is a lot of work to do, it might be remembered that Idealist fitted onto just one floppy disk.

To answer the question, I looked at Tellico and I thought that it would work well for cataloguing a CD collection (for example), but it does not serve all of the purposes listed above - although it certainly does some of them. - Sep 07 2009