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Ahmul Chali M.P.U

I've recently migrate from KDE3 to KDE4. After setting up QtCurve as a active style I've noticed that at least menus are still from oxygen theme. The reinstallation of the latest QtCurve didn't helped either. Qt native apps have this behaviour too.

Has anyone encounter the same problem?

Qt: 4.6.2, KDE: 4.4.3 - May 23 2010
Blue Balance

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thanks:) - Feb 13 2010
Blue Balance

Wallpaper Other by Apopatos 3 comments

Actually, I would be interested in the raw straight version. Do you have that to? - Feb 13 2010
Thanks. I'm using this theme like two years now and I have to say: you are doing a great work. - Apr 09 2009
My roudedness is set to "Fully rounded". - Apr 08 2009
Hi. I'm using KDE3 and some of the KDE4 apps right now. I've tried to tune the look and feel of apps from both of the environments with QtCurve, but it seems that each of them has a different understanding of roundness. Screenshot showing that the KDE4 version is more rounded than KDE3

Did I set something wrong in configuration or QtCurve has different values of round for KDE3 and KDE4?

I'm using the latest sources
(KDE 4 - 0.62.7) & (KDE 3 - 0.62.6).

Thanks for answer - Apr 08 2009
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What about to use enblend? - Apr 09 2007
Debian-Globe wallpaper

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Nice variation! I like this. - Apr 07 2007
Hello. I upgrade to new version 0.46.2, but I get shocked. My nice full rounded highlighted menus were gone. So i tried to find some older version of QtCurve and reuse it. But the problem were there still. If I choose the general appearance Flat or Raised I get plain square highlight. Others appearances don't do that to me.

Where I should look for reason?

Thanks for help

KDE: 3.5.5 - Dec 17 2006
Thanks for repair in v 0.44.1 Gooood job;-) - Oct 11 2006
Yes. I know this have some conjunction with background color. But as I said before, I haven't got a this grey color in my scheme.

When I started KDE every menu is grey. So I go to kcontrol and reset qtcurve. After that already loaded windows have nice white (my standart background color) color. But every started new app have the grey menus.

I try to switch to Plastik style. It is going well, without any problem of coloring menus.

here is the example of behaviour:
and my setting: - Oct 11 2006
Hello. Nice improve with 0.44. But I have the same problem which I have before the 0.43 version. After I setup QtCurve everything change fine. But later new started applications have grey menus and popup menus instead of white. I have no grey colour in my kde scheme. I notice this problem in 0.43 version, when I upgrade on new KDE so I upgrade QtCurve to, but bug is still here.

Qt: 3.3.6
KDE: 3.5.5 - Oct 10 2006

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I don't thing that the link on title page of blog is the best to achieve the wallpaper. - Oct 01 2006
here I post the patch...

*** QtCurve-KDE3-0.42/kde/config_file.c 2006-08-22 21:28:47.000000000 +0200
--- QtCurve-KDE3-0.42-1/kde/config_file.c 2006-08-25 00:37:47.000000000 +0200
*** 437,441 ****
! else if(0==memcmp(line, "stripedProgress=", 17))
! else if(0==memcmp(line, "animatedProgress=", 16))
--- 437,441 ----
! else if(0==memcmp(line, "stripedProgress=", 16))
! else if(0==memcmp(line, "animatedProgress=", 17))
- Aug 25 2006
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Nice colours, but... could you add a version with the Tux looking at the centre of the screen? - May 27 2006
Apr 08 2009