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zenobius jiricek Adelaide, Australia
Professional Hardy - Preview

GTK2 Themes by Junior-E 15 comments

lol @ "professional"

use another word... things like windows xp "professional" is just bloated ego marketing.

i doubt anyone that use a "professional" version of any software is actually professional in how they perform.
(maybe in their fantasies) - Oct 10 2008

GTK2 Themes by themer 13 comments

can you please post a link to your conkyrc file in the screenshot please?

many thanks. - Oct 10 2008
Bard Suite

GTK2 Themes by techwizrd 9 comments

Nice theme..

Two suggestions that may make your life easier :

1 - g-inspector : have you used firebug in firefox during hte webdevelopment process? this is similar.

2 - drop box : instead of making us run around half the internet to get your file, I would like to draw your attention to a service & gnome program called dropbox.

please think about using it.

I believe deviant art will also let you point all the download links to what ever external storage service you are using. - Oct 10 2008

Full Icon Themes by yopnono 70 comments

the answer to that is you don't.

you design a icon theme to a set of guidelines *you* create and don't bend.

if the result isn't great... move on an start another project...don't corrupt an already existing theme for on the whim of a few people.

fork it instead! - Oct 08 2008
MacUltimate Leopard

Full Icon Themes by RedAcid 135 comments

Quote:cd /home/*your_user*/.icons

is the same as :

Quote:cd ~/.icons
- Oct 08 2008