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A.J.  Venter Cape Town, South Africa

Utilities by ajventer 20 comments

>* amarok:
Amarok is blacklisted because there are two incompatible versions and it's impossible to know which one the user wants so it should not be automatically migrated. Instead there is a custom module for amarok1.x if the user wants to keep using that with kde4. If he is switching to amarok2 then, at this stage at least, it's up to amarok to import settings or start fresh.

>* mailody: Fedora never shipped any >version of Mailody, so migration >issues are not our problem there.
Mailody is blacklisted based on a request from the developer - because the kde3 and kde4 versions are entirely incompatible. Just because fedora doesn't ship a package that does not mean users don't have the package ! People install things you know. Users of fedora8 may have added it to kde3 there, and with fedora9 as they move to kde4 those settings should be left away because when the new mailody is out they will probably want it and it shouldn't be broken by this script.

>* kdev: That blacklist entry doesn't >work at all as there's no kdevrc or >/usr/share/apps/kdev.
It DOES work - you just didn't read how blacklisting is implemented right. It ignores not only kdevelop but all folders and rc's that start with kdev - now YOU may not have any, but there are LOTS. Specifically all kdevelop plugins for kde3 install to kdevxxxx folders - and these are completely incompatible as are kdevelop itself.
As with mailody - this blacklist was directly suggested by the main developers of kdevelop.
The only fix needed here is to modify it into a regex, right now it blacklists any name that CONTAINS kdev, it should blacklist only those that START with it. That's on the todo list for 0.0.5

>* kdesktop, kicker, ktaskbar: Those >settings are completely ignored by KDE >4 anyway.
No they aren't - they are imported by kconf_update and BADLY too. I have tried it - kconf_update handles these - just terribly and leaves you with a mishmash of plasmoids for your ~/Dekstop folder instead of a folderview for example.
The rest are left out since they are incompatible -why waste a user's disk space copying files that will be ignored ?
>* kget: Why did you blacklist that one?
Because the settings are incompatible with kget4. Yet again, this was requested by the kget lead devs.

What you don't seem to understand is that I am not developing this in isolation, I am constantly in communication with all the kde-developers on the main mailinglists sourcing information and trying to make this tool really useful. I want it to be included in kde4.2 by default (as it works better if it's run right after kde4 installation before your apps can create their own settings- not technically better, user-effort better) - and do you really think anybody would try to get something into kde proper without working in conjunction with the rest of the KDE community ? Once 0.0.5 is out, I will request my proper KDE SVN account and move it into the playground repo - from whence I hope it will grow to be a standard feature on a new kde installation.

I'm trying to do something useful for people. A lot of people DO seem to think it's useful if I look at the other comments and download rates... why exactly are you flaming my project ?
- Aug 22 2008

Utilities by ajventer 20 comments

That is just not true - if the user backs up his kde3 directory before installing fedora (e.g. mv .kde .kde3) then the script will work just fine. - Aug 22 2008

Utilities by ajventer 20 comments

Firstly let me explain. There are a few modules in the system, that run sequentially, all-apps is the first one, and does the PIM stuff. After it is finished you should get asked about other modules, including modules for kopete, konqueror and amar0k 1.x

If you are not getting those prompts then it means something else is wrong - the script is apparently crashing before it finishes.

For starters, try running it from a console and logging the output to a file and send it to me - that will already help me see what happened. Based on that, I will ask for more if I need it. My email address is - Aug 07 2008

Utilities by ajventer 20 comments

The things you mention should actually happen. It sounds like you used the all-apps module - so I am interested in why it failed. The program is still fairly experimental so there could be many reasons.

The most obvious one being that you had kmail open at the time ? If it's running, it won't be able to copy accounts or mails in as the current running version will overwrite the configs.

I must add that I have only done limited testing on kde-pim modules so far but I am working with the kde-pim developers to improve that part. - Aug 07 2008

Utilities by ajventer 20 comments

Sorry about that, I made a typo in the update, it's fixed now and you can get the right package from as well. - Aug 05 2008

Utilities by ajventer 20 comments

But the fact that a huge amount of KDE3 settings are NOT compatible doesn't bother you ?

In fact - nearly all the changes in 0.0.3 has been blacklisting entries that cause breakage if copied.

Having a seperate kde4 settings directory just makes sense at this time.
What is worse is that the fedora setup actually makes it impossible to run both KDE3 and KDE4 for a while to ease the migration process.
I understand the reasons for the decisions (I read the FAQ) entry, I just don't agree that they outweigh the reasons other distro's have not to do the same.
What I can tell you is that, this was one of the prime reasons I opted to use kubuntu rather than fedora 9 on my home machine - for me, being able to run them concurrently is, at this stage, critical (not least - to be able to develop this project). - Aug 01 2008