Image 01


Alessandro Re Legnano, Italy
black + white icons

Icon Sub-Sets by carpelinx 94 comments

Wonderful icons, compliments! - Oct 31 2006
Horizon of Events

Wallpaper Other by akiross 1 comment

This is getting down, but no one want to say what it's bad :\

Maybe too dark? Bad subject? - May 31 2006
Aki Ross

Wallpaper Other by madmethod 25 comments

This takes my name, but it sucks.

Poor quality, horrible photo on left, useless nudity.

Sorry i really don't like it, the original image on the right - i'm talking about the Maxim's one - is really great, alone.

Every modification on it that i seen is horrible. - May 25 2006
the real one

Wallpaper Other by gravity 19 comments

Yeah, i love it!
This will definitively be my new wallpaper :D - May 25 2006
The Way that KDM should look

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by boskicinek 112 comments

Allright. These are all interesting topics, but... how can i change my KDM like that? What style was used?

Thanks - Dec 27 2003