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Fernando Villatoro
w2k [modified]

Metacity Themes by Louner 2 comments

I just found your modified theme. I use the one which is in art.gnome, but I always found the borders in maximized windows kind of odd.

Thanks for this one.

What is the font that you are using in the terminal image? - Aug 05 2009
ICQ theme for emesene

Various Gnome Stuff by lordseagull 1 comment

It is a very good icon theme for emesene, it would be good to complement it with the sound theme, i hope you or someone else do that. :)

Thankx - Mar 30 2009
gnome-brave custom extras

Various Gnome Stuff by djura-san 5 comments

I like the theme you are using, can you tell me which gtk and metacity themes are those?

Thanks! - Mar 12 2009

GTK2 Themes by envyouraudience 7 comments

I really like your theme, I've been using the Redmond theme, which is included by deafult in Ubuntu, but I wanted something a little bit darker, and this is perfect.

Can you tell me what is the metacity theme you are using?

Thanks! - Feb 27 2009