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Mar 21 2013

I found the following faulty behavior in the dolphin dockmanager script:
- create folders /my_path_1/my_folder and /my_path_2/my_folder
- add both folders to favorite places
- restart the script.

Then, by right-clicking the dolphin icon in the icon-only-task-manager, you will see "my_folder" twice. If you had set different custom icons, they would also appear different in the menu (so far so good).

But when you open either of the items from the menu, icon-task-manager will always open the same folder (expected: one should open /my_path_1/my_folder, the other should open /my_path_2/my_folder).

I have the feeling the icon-only-task-manager only passes the menu item label to the dockmanager script (limitation of the dockmanager API?).

Admittedly this example was a bit pathological, but what really happened in my case is the following: I have a favorite to my "Documents" folder. I recently enabled nepomuk, and it automatically added a link to search:/Documents, also labelled "Documents". Now, through dockmanager, I can only open the latter although only the former interests me (and I haven't found yet how to change the nepomuk shortcuts).

The two links have completely different natures (and different icons) and cannot really be mistaken one for the other. The fact they happen to have the same text label is only secondary and should not be the only criterion for dockmanager (even more when one of the links was automatically generated without asking me!).

Now, the obvious workaround is to rename my shortcuts, but somehow I find this a bit unsatisfactory :(.

Thank you for your attention :). - Sep 07 2012
QuickLauncher Applet

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Nov 15 2008
Good idea, this plasmoid, for circumventing the panel limitations.
However, this is still useless in the usecase where this is the most badly needed: inside a vertical panel.

Current implementation asks for a number n of rows and will divide the vertical size of the whole panel by n, which will give the size of the rows (and that of the icons). Imagine the result in a 800 pixels high panel!

Wouldn't it be possible to detect that we are in a vertical panel, and then ask for a number of columns instead of a number of rows ?

Thanks! - Sep 18 2008