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Rai TV

VLC Internet Channels

Score 63.3%
Jul 04 2018
It isn't yet functional, I have only fixed the thing that made it break completely but I need time to fix the rest of things. - Jul 05 2018
I'm still busy now but when I will have time I will start looking again at the scripts. - Jun 19 2018
Subtitles finder

VLC Extensions 41 comments

Score 73.5%
May 15 2011
I have nothing to do with the site, so I can't do anything.

About the possibility to save the subtitles, I have intention to add it; however the main purpose of the script is still to search and load in VLC. - May 22 2011
Score 50.0%
Jul 04 2018
xnxx parser

VLC Playlist Parsers
by ileoo

Score 72.2%
9   May 14 2011