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Onebase and kde rev..

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by luismml 6 comments

yes, its really new I've just heard about it a few days ago and installing it atm.

The features list looks very promissing so I wanna try it in action. If everything gonna work as written this gonna be my dream distro - check out the web page to find out the details. - Mar 28 2004

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes by aleczapka 15 comments

.ktheme is just standard tar.gz archive, so change the extension or simply use
tar xvzf name.ktheme or to see the content tar tvzf name.ktheme. - Mar 05 2003

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes by aleczapka 15 comments

try to upack it first and then install.. - Sep 19 2002

KDE 2 Themes by aleczapka 12 comments

this is an excellent idea! sure will play with IM when I got some free time ...

btw: what about gimp? I assume you could do it in gimp as well? - Dec 11 2001

KDE 2 Themes by aleczapka 12 comments

it's pixmaps based.. so changing the colors means changing the whole style :/

not a quick job..
- Dec 08 2001
ixPerienced Style

KDE 2 Themes by aleczapka 23 comments

thx for a good notice.. will change... any other wishes? :) - Dec 08 2001
hmm.. somehow the rest of my post is gone.. so again..

why _not_ displaying the full path in bad idea? becase the same thing does noatun.. (and this is really the one thing which I hate in this great player).. u never know what filename you are currently listening to.. just the damn title..

I don't load just one directory to the noatun playlist.. I just load my whole directory with mp3.. which are well. a lots of mp3's... then I hear a cool song.. want to see what filename is this.. and I can't.. :/

If I would like to see the tile, I could mouse over the noatun icon and see the hint there... or open the playlist..

I thinks u should provide some option for this as well.. however I've changed the sources and I got back the full path ... so I am happy now :)

- Dec 03 2001
man I don't want to press 10 times the damn buttons (rigth/left) to be able to read the long filename.. and this is how I do it now.. so do u ever think before u post?

- Dec 03 2001
in new version (v0.4) u removed the directory..full path from the filename.. this sux.. : - Dec 03 2001
God Bless You My Son...

I was waiting for someting like this almost a half a year.... u could do something like this for xmms.. but I don't like xmms - noatun = xmmskiller

so keep up the good job man.. the only thing which is missing is posibility to set the timout of the text display.. and some key binding I could use to display current track again.. (yup sometimes I forgott :) - Dec 03 2001
ixPerienced Style

KDE 2 Themes by aleczapka 23 comments

the windows decoration I found once on try there if no luck I will upload it here...

the disable button: yup I know.. but there is no such thingy in KDE style like
[PushButtonDisabled] (or there is?)
it's done automaticaly by KDE... so can't do much about it

colors: well. if u don't like my colors, change the style.. feel free..

cool icons, ha? yup.. and u should look at mozilla icon or gimp.. they rock.. all 3-D and done in blender.. the project is called FreeIcons, and is published under GPL..

I think KDE guys should get this guy ASAP because what he does is simply art.

I would put here these icons, but will ask the author first.. because I couldn't find link to download to download on his page anymore...

the page is here:

you can at least take a look at the icons - if want to read, learn polish first :)

- Dec 03 2001