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Faina Conky

Conky by Shinji01 2 comments

Hi there.

I've got two little problems:
1- the last two bars are always empty (actually my system uses eth1 for wireless and eth0 for cable, is it the problem?)
2- I can see no text at all.

Then I'd ask you a few more things:
3- Since I'm using no swap at all, how can I disable the 4th bar?
4- How can I edit the text file to remind me what a bar is monitoring?

Thank you so much for this conky config, it's the only one I really like.
- Feb 27 2012

Full Icon Themes by Scnd101 48 comments

.. I hope you're still working on it. ;)

I'd like to have appropriate gray icons for network-manager applet, firefox/icecat and "accessories" in gnome menu.

Anyway, you got my "good" vote. ;)
- Feb 04 2010

Full Icon Themes
by Scnd101

Feb 04 2010
9   Feb 27 2012