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by faho
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Sep 28 2019
hehe already pushed... works... nice

1000 thx

a desktop without tiling is completely unusable :D - Oct 24 2013
i hope you dont mind if i request a feature:

after selecting a new layout, it should be rendered automatically (at the time you need to switch to another workspace and back to ivoke it)

- Oct 24 2013
thanks, it works now.

waited so long for a decent tiling script, and this one is just what i need.

thx again :) - Oct 24 2013

seems to work on workspace 1 - not on 2,3,...

it is not depending on the application.

greets and thx - Oct 23 2013
it works better. my workspace with 4 urxvt's is now correct. (no panel overlap)

the workspace with firefox is still not working. (firfox top is below panel)

but , when i maximize firefox and unmaximze it, it is rendered correctly (same with other applications, f.e. systemsettings)

after i switch to another workspace , and switch back it is wrong again.

maybe this helps :)

p.s. if you need i can record a video. - Oct 23 2013
screenshot: - Oct 23 2013
cool... .this is really working as it should!

i have one issue:

the tiling algorith seems to ignore the panel.
i set the panel to alway-visible (default) - but the tiled window are below it. (the panel area should be like a screen margin...)

it is working the first time i install the script. after reboot the unwanted behaviour occurs. deactivating and reactivating the script in the systemsettings helps, but after reboot it doesn't work anymore.

thx - Oct 23 2013

Kwin Scripts
by faho

Score 84.5%
9   Oct 23 2013