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Alessandro G , Italy
Gnome Shell Themes
GNOME Shell - X3ME

Gnome Shell Themes 16 comments

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Aug 16 2011
And thanks for the -1 tho
:) - Aug 26 2011
Hi, I maybe you put the wrong thing in "usr/share/themes"... in the zip there are 6 different themes so you'll nead to extract each theme one by one. I mean, if you'd like to install the GNOME variant, open "X3ME -" and extract it to "usr/share/themes".
Hope it helps,

sorry for my bad English :D - Aug 26 2011
Grazie mille Giorgio, troppo gentile! - Aug 18 2011
You're too kind :D - Aug 17 2011
Strange, did you install it properly?
I reccomend you the "Gnome Shell Theme Selector Extension"

just extract the themes in

then press Alt+F2 and type "r" (without quotes)
after that select the theme from the overview - Aug 17 2011
Hi, the theme is finished, Monday 15th is the release date!
Stay tuned :D - Aug 12 2011
Elegant Brass

Icon Sub-Sets 8 comments

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Aug 17 2011
Very very nice! :D - Aug 17 2011
Elegant Brass

Icon Sub-Sets
by ilnanny75

Score 68.9%
9   Aug 17 2011