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Alexey Tyapkin Zelenograd, Russian Federation
Plasma 4 Extensions

Plasma 4 Extensions 27 comments

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Nov 30 2009
Contact kubuntu developers about libproc package. In archlinux it is packaged as procps.
# pacman -Q -o /usr/include/proc/readproc.h
/usr/include/proc/readproc.h is owned by procps 3.2.8-1 - Sep 13 2010
I've released bug fix version. Please try. - Nov 30 2009
May be, I've compiled it on kubuntu. - Nov 23 2009
Try to compile static procps devel package. I'll investigate why it doesn't want to compile with dynamic lib. - Oct 28 2009
I think this doesn't help. Because *.a it is static library archive.

Tell me what linux distro do you use. I'll try to find out where is the issue. Or may be your distrib has something like libproc-static-devel. - Oct 27 2009
Are you using x86_64 bit linux?

Try to add following CMakeLists.txt:

If it will helps let me know. I'll add it to next version - Oct 27 2009
libproc development lib
/usr/lib/libproc.a - Oct 27 2009
In ubuntu this package called libproc-dev - Oct 27 2009

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Oct 27 2009
yes, it will display cumulative cpu usage. - Nov 23 2009
try to removeall plasmoid instances, then restart plasma (kquitapp plasma ; plasma &) If doesn't help stop plasma and edit file ~/.kde/share/config/plasmarc - Oct 22 2009
>It's my everyday use plasma applet - first of all - thanks you - great job :)
Thank you! :)

>I have some suggestions
>- use better (compliant with ksysguard) color scheme - or just use those defined in ksysguard if there'e possibility
There is possibility to change colors, so I'll leave this for now

>- add option for setting update interval (currently it's hardcoded to 0.5s or sth like this)
Will be in next version.

>- well - maybe extend and add network traffic meter as well (the other plasma network monitor is really bad - it should be done the same way as your cpuload monitor)
Don't know, if I have time on cristmas holidays... - Oct 23 2008
Yes, I'm planning to add configuration interface with such params as: font, colors, background table size, etc. Also I'll add preview before saving configuration ;) - Aug 06 2008
Just run `make clean all install` in plasmoid top dir ;)
If you installed kde4 not in /usr/lib/kde4 then update Makefile with correct path "-DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr/lib/kde4"
- Aug 06 2008
STDIN Plasmoid

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Feb 08 2009
doesn't works with top. e.g.: top -n 1 - Nov 28 2008

Plasma 4 Extensions 4 comments

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Oct 27 2009
Can't reproduce. I have also kde4.1.2 in hardy and interpid.

Try this:
sudo cp /usr/lib/kde4/lib/kde4/plasma*memusage* /usr/lib/kde4/
sudo ldconfig
kquit plasma
- Nov 16 2008
Smooth Tasks

Plasma 4 Extensions
by panzi

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Sep 03 2010