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Alex Oleshkevich Minsk, Belarus
Plasma 4 Extensions
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Simple CPU Sensor

Plasma 4 Extensions 38 comments

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May 13 2014
If you provide me a way how to get a temperature for GPU, then a new widget will appear on this site. - May 06 2014
Sorry for that -- my bad ;) I reuploaded the correct plasmoid. - Mar 15 2012
Hm, probably. the reason is in your KDE version. Initially it was written for 4.6 and updated for 4.8 lately.

Please, unpack the archive (this is a regular zip-archive) cd into simple-cpu-plasmoid directory and run "plasmoidviewer ." without quotes. If there (in terminal) would be any issues, please, post them here.

If all is ok, just run "plasmapkg -u ." or execure script.

Also, after that actions execute "kbuildsycoca4" - Mar 14 2012
hi, this is 0.3 version actually but manifest.desktop was not updated. Fixed. - Mar 14 2012
hi, this actually 0.3 version but manifest was not updated. Fixed. - Mar 14 2012

try this one. - Mar 22 2011
probably yes. if you describe what definitely you mean. - Mar 22 2011
also "plasmapkg -i ./" if not a correct command.

"./" this is right one.

Run it only if you have plasmoid installed. - Mar 22 2011
Hm, usefull only in case of reinstallation.

cd into plasmoid directory and run ./

Or you can do it manually (just look at the code of this script).

Btw, re-read INSTALLATION steps in description.

Thanks for response. - Mar 22 2011
You may want to try a new version. There was changed data source, so problem should dissapear. - Mar 22 2011
попробуй войти в корень плазмойда и выполнить "plasmoidviewer ." из консоли. скинь сюда выхлоп. будем разбираться. - Jan 06 2011
i'll take care of it. i have Athlon 64 so there is a my path. i will fix. - Nov 27 2010
возможно, нужно установить пакет
либо не работает на 4.4. я тестил под 4.5 (10.10). - Nov 26 2010
you missed a dot ".".
command should be "plasmapkg -i ." or "plasmapkg -i ./"

I will update the description to avoin installation fails in the future. - Nov 23 2010
Simple CPU Meter

Plasma 4 Extensions 6 comments

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Mar 23 2011
yes, i plan to make it after protecting of my university diploma ;) - Apr 28 2011
Score 46.0%
3   Jan 18 2012