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Alfredo Rezinovsky

Wallpapers Kubuntu by Tato 2 comments

If it's free, can you post the source ? - Feb 26 2007
everything else = ****

Wallpaper Other by planetmax 1 comment

there's another way to say "everything else", very used in *ix systems: etcetera (aka etc) - Aug 07 2005
root warning

Wallpaper Other by iCr4aS 8 comments

Sorry, THIS IS the new URL - Jul 20 2005
root warning

Wallpaper Other by iCr4aS 8 comments

I made it transparent. Now you can add any background you like - Jul 20 2005
Cats eye view

Wallpaper Other by Ludos 2 comments

This is not a cat eye. - Jul 19 2005
Not a moth!

Wallpaper Other by arenyart 6 comments

Nice photo, try to improve your focus.

If you do a complete gallery, don't forget the thumbnails. - Jun 28 2005

Wallpaper Other by blurymind 2 comments

I like to make a transparent PNG version.
Reading it´s GPL and obviously made with a 3D modeller: where can I find the modeler source code for this image? - Jun 24 2005

Karamba & Superkaramba by ntesa 24 comments

Antialiasing consist in composing the things in higher resolution and then resize de whole picture.
Maybe you can use 400% zoomed images, put the clock, put the dials, and then resize to 25%. - Jun 04 2004