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Oct 28 2011
Yes, Google changed again :(
I have already fixed, but not much time to release. Hope between Christmas and the new year I will - Dec 20 2011
"ajax mode" is limited by Google to 63 images.
I fixed the browse link. Updated to verion 1.5.1-3

Thanks - Aug 09 2011
you right... last minute changes without check, make world filled of bugs :)
A new minor version is out

thank you - Aug 08 2011
here it works!
Let me know - Aug 07 2011
meanwhile you can use "Ajax api" in "search method" box in the "google image" tab - Jul 09 2011
Thank you for your interest ! I didn't noticed this problem yet. I will apply to this as soon as possible. - Jul 07 2011
You are always so fast :)
mediadownloader.desktop is not changed, you did well

thank you
Marco - Nov 21 2010
I modified the behaviour of that field. Changes are on gitorious:

thanks again - Oct 11 2010
hi dglent,

thanks for the package.
The "Starting from" field is meant.... better to do an example:
I want 100 results and put 100 in the "number of results" field. When I am done with downloding, removing or such, I want to load other 100 results, so in "Starting from" I must put 100 so it will displayed results from 100 to 200.
0 means to start from the beginning of results from Google.... here.... I got you ... from the first image Google gives :) - Oct 10 2010
You were right, I thought the top menu register button , but the lower register button doesn't work anymore. That free hosting I choosen has a bug installing phpbb and that one I installed may have some bug :(. I close it for now - Sep 20 2010
I fixed it, here the link:

About the forum problem, I don't know what could be the problem. I also tryed with konqueror (4.4.5) and it works. Btw I registered you, you will receive an email for this.

thanks again - Sep 20 2010
I forgot to remove lines from 222 to 230, were just to test the seek playing flv (that still doesn't work). You can remove those lines or redownload the source. But don't know why you get errors, here in linux and windows didn't occurred. - Sep 17 2010
Great !

thank you - Jul 07 2010
thanks ;-) - Jun 30 2010
Sorry, but I dont know what means those errors. Seems a graphics library issue. Maybe someone else could help ?
What version of Qt are you using and which linux distro ? - Mar 07 2010
I seen the snapshot, that seems the gui of the previous release (1.2), there where that issue in the multithread download. The new gui is dark gray, there is a small output box in the bottom and there is not the spinbox to choose max downloads. Also thumbnails are pixmaps without button for download or search, instead there is a contextual menu.
About the font size, I have the same problem using desktop res at 1800x1440, I will try to make a preferences dialog.

Thanks for suggestions and as usual for the rmp :)

ps: may I put it in the downloads links? - Mar 07 2010
yes sorry,

just do 'qmake' and then 'make'
There is not an installation script, when u are finished with make, in the bin directory you will find the program. You could do:

cd bin
chmod +x GoogleImageDownloader

enjoy - Mar 06 2010

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Oct 28 2011
network.cpp must be modified to work with a proxy. But I have not much free time now to do that.
You should see QNetworkAccessManager *manager; variable inside that network.cpp. Look at that and look also at QNetworkAccessManager::setProxy ( const QNetworkProxy & proxy ) to make it to work. Also I can't try an inmplementation of that since I have no proxy.
If you want to add such thing and maybe add a proxy settings to mediadownloader, you are free to do that since it is open source :)
Let me know (maybe with email), if you succede to todo I can put it in the future versions :) - Dec 15 2011
I really don't know what the problem is. If it compile you don't need any other packages. Does Youtube works ? If doesn't work either, the only thing comes to my mind is maybe a proxy. Have you also tried to install the .deb package ?
I just run it and here works :( - Dec 15 2011
I didn't understand your problem, could you please explain it better, if you like you can email me.
Have you tried to install the .deb package from here ?
I also noticed that searches with Google Image are no more working with public method, ajax method still work. I already fixed for the next release - Dec 15 2011
You have missed dependencies for openGL. You have to install (I talk for debian packages and the name may differ a bit in other distributions):

but it's strange because if you have installed qt4 opengl (in debian libqt4-opengl-dev), you should have those libs above

regards - Oct 16 2010
well, I just bought a nokia n900 (awesome), installed MADDE, recompiled and voilĂ , the app runs. But there are some problems that I have to dig into like opengl doesn't refresh well, doubleclick on a thumbnail doesn't do anything and some other little things, but it's great! Maybe I'll just wait Meego will take over Maemo also because it's not clear for me (just started) to make a deb package for Maemo and overall things work. About Symbian, I have no phone to try with and I never tryed to install the suite (only on windows I think ?).
If you have some experiences with those and want to try, let me know, we can do something together :) - May 07 2010

thanks for your comments and the feedback.
You are right, somthing changed in the search parameter needed by Google image search url. Now it works correctly, I tryed searching for 'babe' and the results changes with no filter and others restricted :-)

have fun - May 06 2010
thanks for the package :) - Feb 21 2010
nope, wasnt that. I left main/Makefile in the archive. Just delete it :( - Feb 20 2010
Yes, sorry. Was just the end of line char created in windows os. You can redownload or just remove the windows EOF char (0x0D0A) from, or copy all make new doc, paste and write over old
Thanks for the report - Feb 20 2010
Hi toems,

seems that html is not retrieved from Maybe have you a proxy ? This is the only thing I could thinking about, because I tried now and it works fine. Proxy setting are not implemented.
By the way did you mean the loop in rx_data.indexIn(*html, pos) not rx_start ? You can try to comment lines from 283 to 286. Let me know.

- Oct 20 2009
I have just corrected the mistake :)

About your problem with webkit, I dont know on develop with mac, but I installed qt development kit in my mac ( osx 10.4.11 ) in my office, compiled and it runs fine, even if the font is too small.

Hope if you install the whole sdk, it will works fine.

bye - Oct 08 2009
thanks a lot

I didn't remember why I used QHttp, but I'll dig into QNetworkAccessManager.
thanks again - Sep 30 2009
In windows you have to unzip into a folder and run.
For now, with linux, you have to compile (qmake & make).... I m learning how to build a .deb package. - Sep 29 2009
good features.
For now I have added a link under thumbnails for an instant download in the chosen directory. Maybe this is more comfortable and fast when we need to download many image instead of a contextual menu.
About the multiple pages I have to think a bit more, maybe could be a lil pain to do for the architecture I followed to write the app.
Soon I will upload the new version with the download feature

- Sep 28 2009
maybe it's been fixed.
Some testing with your keyboard needed :) - Sep 26 2009
I'm glad to see this app is appreciated.
Thanks dglent for your interest and suggestions.
I think your advice could be made by adding a choice of which country the application should search, for example choose to make search.
I'll looking at that tonight and I let you know.

cheers - Sep 26 2009