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Aug 20 2015
Maybe doing plasma widget allows better control... it should be simpler to write these now days... I really don't know, hate UI programming :)

And no, playing with the colors does not help, it colors the icon in any state...

Thanks! - Nov 30 2010


I want to raise to annoying simple issues... Hoping that these can be addressed with low effort.

1. Every time I login, the icons at the tray are organized in different order, so it is difficult to know which one is which. Is there any way for knemo to present the icons always at the same order? Let's say alphabetical order?

2. The new netload icon type is super!!! However, there is no way to distinguish between interface down and up in this mode. Can you please present a different icon when interface is down?

Thanks! - Nov 29 2010
Download is 0.6.80... - Aug 30 2010
I give you the test case...

I use OpenVPN as none root process.

I create a persistence tun device at boot up.

I configure knemo to monitor this interface, and have two context menu commands: Start and Stop.

Until now, I was able to know if the VPN is up or down by the knemo interface icon. It was great.

So, just an idea... What about allowing the user to specify the interface active detection logic (link level, ip level)?

Then the user will be able to configure the behavior that is right for him.

For example, Ethernet interface is active when the link is up or when it received dhcp configuration?

Thanks! - Jun 30 2010

It worked correctly at 0.6.1, what was the logic then? - Jun 30 2010
$ ip link
5: vpn0: <POINTOPOINT,MULTICAST,NOARP,UP,LOWER_UP> mtu 1500 qdisc pfifo_fast state UNKNOWN qlen 100

It does not change if connected or not connected. So connection detection should be based on ip addr command.

Thanks! - Jun 27 2010

I upgraded from 0.6.1 to 0.6.2 (and 0.6.3).

In 0.6.1 when the tun interface was inactive the icon was inactive, and when it was active the icon changed to active.

Now, the icon is always active.

Was something change? I guess the up/down detection was done via the IP address assignment. - Jun 26 2010
Feature request... :)

When knemo executes commands from context menu it makes the commands be parent of init and not it-self.

This way the process cannot know when user logoouts.

It will be nice if the knemo process will be the parent of the processes so that these processes will get SIGHUP signal when user logouts.

Example: I use knemo to activate VPN, and I wish to stop the authenticated VPN when user logouts. This can be easy as long as the process will be signaled when its parent dies.

The suggested process is the same as ~/.kde4/Autostart scripts behavior.

Thank you! - Nov 18 2009

Feature request :)

Color by traffic %

dark green
ligh green
- Nov 06 2009
Could not find this... Where should I look? - Nov 06 2009

I know these are low priority :)

Just wanted to write these down...

Yes, there is a system monitor widget, but it does not work for dynamic interfaces (ppp), it does not hide the widget when interface is not connected/available, and more...

Also, having two application poll the network vars waste system and power resources...

So what I think is that we need one application that provide all... And as knemo provides the most functionality (dynamic interfaces, status, menu and commands, statistics) I think that it should be simple to somehow show the state of the load.

Just a thought...

Thanks! - Apr 01 2009
Just installed knemo, Gentoo has this in their overlay.

Thanks for porting this! It works the same as before.

Do you think to also migrate this to plasma? The system monitor graphs are looking good...

Also, a long standing request... Maybe the color of the icons can be changed to reflect the network traffic? Red/yellow/green/black

Thanks for your work!
Alon - Mar 12 2009


I cannot compile it...

ld: cannot find -lKDE4Workspace__solidcontrol

Does anyone knows where this library comes from?

I have the followings instaled:

Thanks! - Feb 23 2009
Thank you for porting!
But I cannot find the configure script...
Also... At cmake world, the autoconf is not needed anymore... And I don't see any cmake related stuff in the git repository.
Can you please hlpe?
Thanks! - Feb 21 2009
I also beg for a version for kde-4, I use knemo all the time, I like the custom menu feature and the hints.

The system network monitor that comes with kde-4.2 is unusable, even the monitored interface name is not shown not speaking about custom menus or interface status. - Jan 30 2009
BTW: How can I compile/install only this widget from svn? - Feb 09 2008
Whatever you are doing for KDE-4 :)
Alon - Feb 09 2008
Can you please remember to modify the icon color based on traffic?
This would be great to stop using kbandwidth...
Thanks! - Feb 08 2008
I already notice a difference. - Aug 06 2006
Quite old ticket...

Using CPU this way eating battery power... I hope it will be fixed soon... - Jul 24 2006
I've noticed that knemo (0.4.2) causes kded to take about 1.5% cpu at all times.
I've tried to modify Misc/Update interval and found that if I set it to >5 secs it ease some cpu use... But it still quite high.
Does anyone experience the same?
Regards. - Jul 21 2006
Love your software! - Jun 19 2006
Great piece of software! I was not aware of it.

1. It would be great if you add iicons for tun interface (VPN), or allow to add customize icons.

2. It would also be great if the color of the animation tray icon will reflect the current bandwidth... For example gray for 0-25%, light green 25-50% green 50-75%, red 75-100%.

The simplest way to achieve this is to have 14 icons for each set. Or N icons and allow the user to select a bandwith range and appropriate icon.

Alon Bar-Lev - Jun 16 2006

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Mar 09 2011
Is there something to test?
Thanks! - Feb 08 2008

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Sep 29 2007
Please send me a message so we can work on this.
Your implementation seems too complex. I would prefer if you fix mine, all you need to fix is dependencies and names. - Apr 13 2007

You did not publish the source...

So I've added debian support to this package as to other of my packages.
But since I don't use debian, I need you to test it...

BTW there is also spec file available... But untested either...

beta is located at:

Best Regards,
Alon Bar-Lev. - Apr 13 2007

Can you please update to:

Some comments I received from a user.


2007.04.09 - Alon Bar-Lev <>
* Qt-4.2 prerequisite and not 4.2.2.
* UTF-8 filenames are now supported.
* Release 1.1.1 - Apr 08 2007
I release a new version...
Located at:

Andrey Dubovik, I hope you accept this, and put it on this site.

2007.04.07 - Alon Bar-Lev <>
* Qt-4.2 migration.
* Added autoconf/automake build.
* Auto detect all available codepages.
* Print available codepages in usage.
* Added genre encoding.
* Fixup exit code.
* Release 1.1.0 - Apr 06 2007
Oh... And maybe add the available codepages into configuration file, loaded at runtime? - Apr 05 2007
Just needed to add a final touch:
converter.Convert(tag->genre(), &Tag::setGenre);

Can you please, please please convert it to Qt4?

I tried to compile it, but failed

Thank you!. - Apr 05 2007

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May 25 2010

The implementation of PKCS#11 requires the GUI to use the OpenVPN management interface in order to interact with the smartcard.

It is requires since using smartcards requires input from the user at different stages, such as token not available, token removed-insert, token PIN expiration.

I will be happy to work with you in order to make it work with OpenVPN.

You can refer to and find a simple perl script that performs the user interaction, it should not be complicated to use it in your component.

Best Regards,
Alon Bar-Lev. - Jun 17 2006