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Andreas Loos Berlin, Germany
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Simple RSS reader

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by aloos
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Nov 11 2015
Thank you a lot for your comments.

Yes, it is pretty annoying that part of the config gets lost after reboot or any restart of plasma. However, I have no idea why that is so. In the configuration file, transparency is stored in a hex code together with background color. Obviously this value is not read. A workaround would be to store the transparency separately, but that's not nice. I would appreciate a nice solution; unfortunately at the moment I don't have the time to search one by myself. - Jan 17 2016

- in fact, the new background color is optional: just set the alpha-channel to 0.

- the reload-option should only appear if you right-click inside the plasmoid. Right-clicking on the surrounding desktop gives you the desktop options. And hovering with mouse over applet opens the sidebar with customize options as it is usual for most plasmoids. Do you expect an option "customize" in the mouse menu?

andreas - Nov 15 2015
Thank you for these detailed notes, MirceaKitsune!

> - The biggest problem is the hardcoded text
> colors!

Good point. Next version will have that feature.

> - There is only support for one RSS feed. A workaround for now is > to use multiple plasmoids.

This is exactly the intended use. I did not like these readers presenting several feeds in a bulk.

> - Ideally there should be a way to update the
> widget on demand. Either a small button in one of
> the corners, or a menu item when you right-click.

Also very good point.

> - Possibly support entry thumbnails, which many
> RSS feeds have.

I wanted it as simple as possible, so I deliberately dropped that.

> If this was under a less restrictive license than
> CC-BY-NC (maybe GPL), I'd actually support adding
> it to plasma5-addons officially.

I will change that, too.

Thanks again!
andreas - Oct 27 2015
That's correct, thank you for that hint, samypp133! - Aug 29 2015
Great that it works now! - Aug 11 2015
It works also with that RSS feed. As with all RSS readers you have to use the actual feed page (in xml), not the general information (html Web page): - Aug 10 2015