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PlasmaX icon theme

Full Icon Themes by adhe 5 comments

Hi! This icon theme is good, but could you change the icons that come directly from Windows to something that matches more Linux apps? Discover should not have a Windows logo on it, and LibreOffice apps are not MS Office apps, which means it is not consistent to have a Excel icon for Calc. Keep that style but if possible, don't just take Windows or MS icons just to apply them on other apps. It's not always a good idea. - May 30 2020

Plasma 5 Menus by eQuilibrium 4 comments

It looks great but it's not translated, which is strange because is takes almost everything from the default menu,and this one is totally translated. How is it possible to help and translate this one? - Oct 13 2019
Ubuntu Touch

System Software by hb882 1 comment

Even though you are not the dev, did the steam forget about integrating desktop apps into it? With all thoses apps with so many many different interfaces, it would be a mess.
Native Ubuntu & Librem apps are the way to do, with federated social networks, centralised ones as possible, and every productivity apps other plateform already bring. I was happy with my BQ Aquaris 4.5 until it was dropped away from updates. - Jul 25 2019
Inkscape Dark Theme for Windows

GTK2 Themes by simbotbiz 3 comments

So I guess it is not possible to use it by default on gnu/linux? - May 08 2019
Quasi Deepin II

Global Themes by caig 5 comments

Very good, I like it! Perhaps the app icon in the window decoration is a little bit too big? What do you think? - Dec 05 2018
Mojave Dark

Kvantum by Luwx 35 comments

Hi, thanks for this work!
Could you describe the other settings you use on top of this Kvantum theme?
Like the desktop theme, color scheme, icon theme, etc.
Thanks! - Nov 11 2018