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alzen alzen , Poland

Plasma Themes by maslinux 6 comments

Sorry to say but it's still the same. Also, I noticed that you've changed the color on taskbar for windows visible but not active to violet-like. Please make it dark-blueish again, It looked much better.

But black squares still remain, only they're thinner. Only think that you've fixed imo are corners.

Btw. Here, I marked you black square on this picture:

They are on all types of windows on taskbar, only harder to see on darker ones, but they're there. - Feb 06 2009

Plasma Themes by maslinux 6 comments

Like black square around the program name and upper left & bottom left corners are missing. - Feb 05 2009

Plasma Themes by maslinux 6 comments

I wonder you understood me correctly. I mean this window on the panel, on the screenshot. There are graphic issues in your theme i guess. Take a closer look, there are little spaces not filled with right colour. - Feb 05 2009

Plasma Themes by maslinux 6 comments

Hello, first of all, thank you for this theme. We are using it on our machine.

But there is one thing that's need to get fixed imo. Even on second screenshot you can see it. I mean window "Google - Kfox". There are graphic issues I think. I will wait for next version with this issue fixed. Take care. - Feb 05 2009

Amarok Themes by meNGele 28 comments

nice theme, i would like to see it as default. anyway, SVG image would really be nice, if not for you than for others. - Sep 28 2006
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KDE 3.5 Themes by amaterasu 105 comments

your style made me to try kde once again(i'm jumping between GNOME,XFCE,KDE quite often; although KDE has it's chance kinda rare ^^). today it's like 4/5 day on kde, konqueror got mozilla's bookmarks and i enjoy it as my web browser. anyway, probably i will try GNOME/XFCE again, maybe in a short time.

ok, just wanted to tell that it was your style that made me try kde again. thanks for your work. - Sep 27 2006

Cursors by nikaa 31 comments

very nice; only zooming in and zooming out cursors are missing(as far as i noticed). - Apr 26 2006
Clean blue

Kopete Styles by benol 2 comments

simple and clean; very cute imo. - Apr 26 2006