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Wallpaper Other by Donald77 16 comments

what is important it is not so bright, and it do not hit my eyes late at night; well done.
> przy okazji, pozdrawiam rodaka :) - Jan 11 2005
Snes-Pad Skin for NoAtun

Noatun Skins by protoman 16 comments

skin is nice, maybe some signs next to or on buttons on left shall be put; it is not obvious that one color will close and the other minimaze ui. no other objections. good job. - Jan 11 2005
KDE CC/IC, Konqueror, KMail (IN CVS)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by lokheed 128 comments

home kde devs team will add like this control center to 3.4 version. - Dec 25 2004

KDE Plasma Screenshots by jurrie 2 comments

but can you please give a link to this wallpaper? and to site with wallpapers in this style? - Dec 23 2004