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Amar Varude Bangalore, India
when I run the script. following is the output. I am running suse 10. Please help

linux:~ # cp /home/amar/Desktop/ /usr/lib/firefox/
linux:~ # cd /usr/lib/firefox/
linux:/usr/lib/firefox # ls
. chrome firefox-bin mozilla-xremote-client searchplugins
.. components libsoftokn3.chk plugins updater defaults greprefs res updater.ini extensions icons xpicleanup
linux:/usr/lib/firefox # ./ .
KGet integration for Mozilla and Firefox 0.2, by Victor Fernandez
Mozillux project -

Restoring the backup of ./chrome/browser.jar (backup file retained)
Extracting into /tmp/kget4mozilla-0.2
Patching content/browser/contentAreaUtils.js
cat: /tmp/kget4mozilla-0.2/content/browser/contentAreaUtils.js: No such file or directory
grep: /tmp/kget4mozilla-0.2/content/browser/contentAreaUtils.js: No such file or directory
head: /tmp/kget4mozilla-0.2/content/browser/contentAreaUtils.js: invalid number of lines
expr: non-numeric argument
tail: /tmp/kget4mozilla-0.2/content/browser/contentAreaUtils.js: invalid number of lines
Patching content/browser/browser.js
Repackaging ./chrome/browser.jar
zip I/O error: No such file or directory

zip error: Could not create output file (./chrome/browser.jar)
Deleting temporary files in /tmp/kget4mozilla-0.2

Don't forget to visit the Mozillux website. Enjoy! - May 04 2006