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Amarok The audio player for KDE

Amarok 1.x Scripts 16 comments

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Jul 26 2006
Jocke, it's a good idea to use exception handling to catch such runtime errors.

- Jul 17 2006

Amarok 1.x Scripts 191 comments

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Mar 12 2009
1) Oh well. Seeing that you refuse to comply with our advice, we might have to change the Script Manager to only list one script per script package.

2) You still have not answered: Why do you install a script named Lyrc, which conflicts with the bundled Lyrc script? The Script Manager cannot handle this cleanly, so I reckon we will have to add an additional check to prevent installation of such packages.

- Jul 13 2006
You write "they all work pretty much the same". Well that's the point, so why show them all? As far as I can see, your script shows a config dialog anyway, where you can select which sites to use.

I'm convinced that 90% of the users don't care (and don't want to care) about specific sites. The user just wants a script that gets him the best possible choice of lyrics, in the easiest fashion. In other words, a solution that "Just Works".

Apart from that I think your script(s) is great, and technically well implemented. The code is a joy to look at.
- Jul 11 2006
Hi, I've just tried the latest version of your script. I've got one question:

I understand your lyrics script is a "meta" script, capable of querying multiple sites. So why do you list all the separate scripts in the Script Manager (executables), instead of listing just one script? I find this very confusing. In fact I had no idea which script to start.

Additionally, you install a script names "Lyrc", which conflicts with our bundled Lyrc script.

(This is markey posting, was too lazy to relogin)
- Jul 11 2006

Audioplayers 574 comments

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Aug 01 2011
You can't switch back to the old layout. We're experimenting with this new layout, and collecting user feedback and ideas. In the end we will decide if we're going to keep it or not.
- Jun 19 2006
That's actually a bug in xine-lib, fixed in 1.1.2 (to be released soon). Gentoo users can already enjoy a patched xine-lib, so they're not affected by this issue.
- Jun 19 2006
Relax, it's fixed in 1.3.5. - Oct 25 2005
Ooops. Fixed. Thanks for noting. - Aug 15 2005
Thanks for noting, fixed. - Jun 27 2005

You can now compile amaroK CVS with GCC 2.95. All issues fixed. - Sep 05 2004
Sorry, CVS is not compatible with GCC 2.95. There are just too many sacrifices you have to make to stay compatible with such a buggy and limited compiler. It doesn't even support ISO C++.

We recommend upgrading GCC. - Sep 03 2004
Debian packages will be updated soon. - Sep 02 2004
Could be a prefix problem. Please configure exactly as stated in the INSTALL file.

If this still doesn't work, come to #amarok on for further help. - Sep 02 2004
bind the key to:

"dcop amarok player playPause" - Sep 02 2004