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Apr 28 2004
I saw your mock-up.
Sad to say, the modification of not the style engine but KMenu is necessary to realize that.
However, I am thankful to you for your active suggestion actions. - Apr 29 2004
I noticed that the test in "root" user wasn't being done.
Then, when tested by root just now, the same problem as you occurred.
This problem is related to Qt's spec, and It is difficult to solve it.
I think that the problem does not occur, when you use ActiveHeart as a general user. - Apr 28 2004
When I tested what you did, it was saved normally.
Possibly, did you input the space into the scheme name? - Apr 28 2004
I appreciate your interesting information.
And I try to add the configurable option for hiding KMenu-Titles to ActiveHeart config dialog. - Apr 26 2004
Well, they are using almost common style-engine.
However, they produce different Look&Feel by mainly differences of GUI-parts.

But is already ThinKeramik unnecessary? - Apr 23 2004
Please add the following line to 23th line in /activeheart-1.1.8/styleconf/activeheartconf.cpp file.

#include <stdlib.h> - Apr 20 2004
1. Did you give "--prefix" parameter to configure?

2. Have you installed kdelibs-devel,kdebase-devel and qt-devel packages?

3. Are you using kde-3.2.x? - Apr 19 2004
It is "Wasp" icon set.

URL: - Apr 07 2004
I'm sorry. I fixed it now. - Apr 06 2004
hehe, Considerable time was needed until I had noticed the fact that the editable combobox is heavy. - Apr 02 2004
I looked at some screenshots of XFce4 on XFce4's web site just now.
To be sure, these are well alike.
I did not know it until I was pointed out by you, since I had not used XFce4. - Apr 01 2004
The font is called "Sailor."
I have forgotten where I got it. - Mar 26 2004
Probably, you have not installed kdebase-dev or kdelibs-dev. - Mar 19 2004
for your advice and suggestions.
I have recognized points which should be improved.
I am going to improve them as much as possible.
Please wait patiently. - Mar 17 2004
I considered the new design.
How do you like the following sample? - Mar 16 2004
Thin Keramik

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Apr 28 2004
That icon set is called "Gorilla"
URL: - Apr 27 2004
Yes. Although the comment is not written particularly, it has the compatibility in KDE3.2.1+QT3.3 environment.
(In my environment, it is working without problems.) - Mar 13 2004
Of course, it is possible.
However, please wait not for the next version(Ver-3.0.8) but for Ver-3.0.9. - Mar 04 2004
I replyed to your E-Mail three days ago.
Nevertheless, since you are not reading my E-Mail, I write the answer to your question once again here.

The font which I am using is "Luxi Sans", and it was contained in XFree86-truetype-fonts-4.3.0 of Fedora Core 1.
I think that it is probably contained in most distribution packages. - Mar 01 2004
thinkeramikconfig.h is the file which should be made in process of make.
If you try the following, the cause that thinkeramikconfig.h isn't made may be found out.

./configure --prefix="`kde-config --prefix`"
cd kwin/config/
make thinkeramikconfig.h - Feb 27 2004