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Alex H

Full Icon Themes by jennie 53 comments

If the archive was not saved in home-folder and you run the command to change colors the "cd" command will not work and sed tries to replace the colorcode-strings in _every_ file in home-folder.

Could you please replace the semicolons with && to check for exit status of the last command? And I think it's better to give find the path directly and don't use cd.

For example:

tar -jxf Humanity-Colors.tar.bz2 -C ~ && find ~/Humanity-Colors -type f | xargs sed -i -e "s/edd563/888a85/g" -e "s/e08223/747672/g" -e "s/cd8033/555753/g" -e "s/bb5e12/2e3436/g" -e "s/Humanity-Colors/Humanity-Carbonite/g" && mv ~/Humanity-Colors ~/.icons/Humanity-Carbonite; - Dec 22 2009