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Phil Miller Ebersberg, Germany
UFW KControl Module

System Software 48 comments

Score 83.7%
May 23 2012
Hi there. I just added it to my Distribution. Thx for the UI. The file to build it also for Archlinux you can find here:

I had to hack the install destination folder to fit our chroot buildsystem ... - Feb 15 2011
NUT - Network UTility

Network 38 comments

Score 77.8%
Nov 18 2009
I got it working. Check out our wiki: - Jul 30 2009
I'm a maintainer from the chakra-project
Michal and I just finished a PKGBUILD for arch linux.

You can read our progress here:

I still dont get wlan working on my machine. With wicd it works. We patched your app a little to fit the arch way.

... hope it is just a missconfiguration.

Arch-People, can you test our PKGBUILDs I committed to AUR? Report back with any comment .... - Jul 29 2009