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Window Buttons WoW theme

Various Gnome Stuff 2 comments

by amoob
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Jun 07 2010
I don't mind at all... you don't have to reference or credit me - Sep 29 2010

GnoMenu Skins 11 comments

by amoob
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Jan 31 2010
Thanks - Jun 14 2010
I am not afraid of the looks I would get if I wore the swastika. I wouldn't even try to explain to anyone in public.

To me symbols mean very little, but to others who have been controlled all their life by narrow minded thinking will make grim associations.

Microsoft also believes in freedom. The freedom to do what they want. What makes you different? People who believe in freedom are ruled by self desire. I believe in what is right. Right means not hurting others or yourself physically and mentally.

Did I hurt anyone with this upload? If I did I will take it down. - Feb 06 2010
I will try to avoid being philosophical, but I'm not perfect.
Pardon any digression.

I have never met an adult that is truly an adult. Every single one has a major fault, which is normal, but what is even worse is that this fault is ignored. Most people don't want to fix themselves, slowly they are driven to become selfish and taught to take what they can and to protect it.

Microsoft and Apple are businesses that want to grow and take over their industry, but what they provide is also a tool that is necessary in every day life. Ubuntu also provides that tool.

Now you say Microsoft and Apple are marked by symbols. I personally find associating people and things with symbols to be idiotic. It sounds childish.

Credit should be given to those who make symbols, but this symbol does not belong to that person forever because when that person dies everyone will use it.

The symbol I posted up, I don't see it as being windows corp. I see a nicely colored flag. I appreciate art for its strange beauty, which is why I also plan on making my own symbol that everyone can use. - Jan 31 2010
Homosapien Metacity Customizer 0.4.5

Metacity Themes 98 comments

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Mar 17 2010
I love this, thank you.
I switched back to metacity from emerald. - Feb 17 2010
Wndous Se7en

GTK2 Themes 30 comments

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Feb 08 2010
Not all programs are compatible with linux, for me it would be video chat or itunes. Before you start arresting luxie here for using windows, you might need a linux badge. With the badge you can uphold justice and teach those windows users a lesson. - Feb 10 2010
You have such colorful language, you surely have boosted this website's credibility with it. Eye candy for your gnome desktop. This might not be for your desktop, but it is for about 2000 other users.

You will become wise in time, have patience - Feb 10 2010
Just don't use it... you're going to get hernia bottling up pointless hate for something thats not even alive... I would recommend some anger management classes and "none of your business" lectures. You will be reawakened and no longer narrow minded.

I'm not saying don't speak your mind, but do be careful who you speak it too. Discipline yourself, young grasshopper.

Your theme is pretty good, luxie. - Feb 09 2010

GnoMenu Skins 6 comments

by amoob
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Jan 31 2010
I started using GIMP and I've been practicing so that I could make the shine effect on this and eventually the ubuntu logo for those fan boys. - Feb 02 2010
I didn't update it, but there is a flag coming out. - Jan 31 2010
I'm sorry that you hate windows, which is very sad because people who hate an operating system are weird. In the case that you hate an operating system, you are contradicting the operating system you are using. Linux is about freedom to do what you like to the extent of legal conditions.

People who use linux, use it for many different reasons. Some use it because it is really cool, others because its very flexible and some because they cannot afford to use anything else. For those who like to customize their desktop, I gave them another option. If you don't like this, it is your free will, but others seem to be using it.

Bless your heart for speaking your mind, but when you don't have anything good to say it is better to stay quiet. - Jan 30 2010
LiteGlass Blur 2

Beryl/Emerald Themes 15 comments

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Feb 12 2009
A theme that I actually prefer over windows imitations.
Whats your background image? - Jan 26 2010
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Apr 07 2010
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Feb 17 2010
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Feb 17 2010
MacUltimate Leopard

Full Icon Themes
by RedAcid

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Jan 28 2010
Win2-7 Pack

Full Icon Themes
by juandejesuss

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Jan 26 2010
LiteGlass Blur 2

Beryl/Emerald Themes
by serginho

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Jan 26 2010
Aero-Aqua Mix

Beryl/Emerald Themes
by perfectska04

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Jan 26 2010
Score 74.1%
9   Nov 11 2010