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3D Kubuntu Wallpaper

Wallpapers Kubuntu by an10ae 3 comments

Thank you for the Compliments! Ididn't do other sizes because I figured resizing is pretty easy. So I just gave out the largest size and people can size it down if they want.

However, If people would like to have the smaller ones for download I can do that I suppose. I guess if i get enough requests for different sizes I'll do it.

So speak now everyone or forever hold your peace (sorry just attended wedding this past weekend)

Thanks, - Jul 05 2005
3D Ubuntu Wallpaper

Wallpapers Ubuntu by an10ae 2 comments

Thank You! Very Much I'm Glad you like it! - Jul 05 2005
Ipod Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by an10ae 9 comments

So this isn't discussion really about the icons is it?
Anyways, I've used many different players when deciding which to purchase. and i found none of the others have an interface as simple and easy to use as the ipod it's true it doesn't inherently have have many of the features as others but, after all it's just an mp3 player. who needs to watch videos on a 3 inch screen? who needs to look at grainy photos on a 3-inch screen (camera phones do enough of that already)? And on top of it all with the ipod you can load linux on it and get all sorts of format playback including ogg, plus recording capability which i find very useful. there are also alot of truely useful and useable utitility programs available and only more on the way from the open source world. I have a laptop if i want other stuff to be portable (videos, pictures, games etc..) the battery life on the ipod is actually pretty good I had a 10 hour road trip a while back and it survived the whole trip just fine. the available accessories can't be beat.
it's size is still the best on the market (physical size). It's stable, sturdy, great warranty and has nothing to do with microsoft. sounds like a perfect marriage for linux users.
anyways just my 2 cents.
Hope you like the icons! - Mar 11 2005
Popsicle v0.2 X11 Mouse theme

Cursors by an10ae 3 comments

I'm afraid I don't understand what you're saying could explain a little further what's happening? It sounds like you may some sort of auto focus feature turned on? I'm not sure what you mean.
Sorry, If you explain more I'll do my best to help you. - Mar 11 2005
Popsicle X11 Mouse theme

Cursors by an10ae 7 comments

After Using these for a while myself I too agree about the discrepency in size between the active symbols and pointer sizes. I'm currently revamping this theme I so far have bettered the symbols and increased their sizes. The next installment will have 3 choices of size sm, med, lrg, these sizes will only change the pointer and not the active symbols that way an acceptable symbol size will be consistent no matter what size cursor you choose. Also just for fun and to please the transparency nuts there will be a new flavor added as well, called "Glass".I've also added a little transparency to all of the other flavors as well.(not much though) Thanks to all for the comments.
constructive critisism taken and hopefully better final product gotten.
Open source and community is awesome.

Thanks again and stay tuned another day or so and the new version will be uploaded. - Mar 08 2005
Popsicle X11 Mouse theme

Cursors by an10ae 7 comments

I had some upload issues all sjould be well now just tested it. Download again if you had problems...
Sorry and thanks for stopping by! - Mar 08 2005
Nouveau X11 Mouse theme

Cursors by an10ae 13 comments

Hello there,
First- thanks for downloading and commenting it's apprecciated very much.

Second - I have them packaged in such a way that it is easier for kde users since I am primarily a kde user myself. I do however understand what you mean perhaps if demand is great enough I'll package them both ways!

Sorry for the inconvenience sp? (I'm slightly goofy from lack of sleep right now)

So that being said
Start commenting if you'd like to see this packaged as mentioned above! - Feb 22 2005
Glasstic X11 Mouse theme

Cursors by an10ae 9 comments

Ok all evidence points to not using the kde theme installer. If you find out something different please let me know sorry, just follow the instructions i gave and or the kde-look how to and all should be well. - Feb 20 2005
Glasstic X11 Mouse theme

Cursors by an10ae 9 comments

I've changed this now. Sorry about that and thanks for noticing and letting me know. - Feb 20 2005
Glasstic X11 Mouse theme

Cursors by an10ae 9 comments

Thank you antonio,

That is ashame about the feedback.
especially considering it requires the community to make all of these things better.

but, oh well you can't force i suppose downloading should be considered feedback enough.

people must like it if they are downloading it, Right?


Thanks again for responding - Feb 18 2005
Glasstic X11 Mouse theme

Cursors by an10ae 9 comments

So far only 1 person has commented.

out of 68 downloads this seems a little strange, but maybe not.

either way some feedback would definitely be great! - Feb 18 2005
Glasstic X11 Mouse theme

Cursors by an10ae 9 comments

All you have to do is copy over the glasstic directory into either your home directory
~/.icons folder
or into

The kde them installer doesn't seem to work for some reason but, I haven't even tried using it since I just put the files there myself.

I'll look into it though - Feb 17 2005