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Metacity Themes 37 comments

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Feb 12 2006
I meant what's the software on this screenshot?
Thanks. - Feb 09 2006
Thanks for your comment.

Do you mean icons on the buttons?

What design whould you suggest? May be screenshot.

Icon on menu button resembles one from GTK controls. Close button icon - mirrored menu. The rest are traditional.

People tend to more traditional experience. See fall of my 'Avant-qarde' metacity theme :) - Feb 09 2006
Thank you for illustration. Understood.

This actually was the initial design of this theme. The first release of. When buttons in unfocused window looked 100% like GTK disabled buttons (insensitive). Looked exactly like 'button2' in 'The Widget Factory' application.

Then 'sparrk' argued (see his comment above) that this is inconsistent behavior for simply unfocused buttons. I agreed. That's why buttons do not change appearence in unfocused window state.

My goal with this theme was closest "integration" of GTK and metacity themes, so it'd hardly visually distinguisheable. It is becoming the whole.

Because of that I mimic GTK buttons view and behavior in metacity theme. GTK buttons don't turn out disabled when unfocused. Neither do mine buttons.

Though I agree, that your and mine initial design look visually more appealing.

BTW, what's the tool in screenshot you used? Something with themes drop-down.
Thanks for pointing me to utility window issue. Fixed. - Feb 08 2006
bvc, Hi!

It's cool to see such a monster in "my" page . I'm amazed by your creativity.

Could you explain more your vision?:
"My only complaint would be the insensitive buttons aren't. Only the border line changes."

I'm not sure I completely get you. Your opinion viluable to me. - Feb 07 2006
Yes, I've changed it twice today.
As I remember, I saw the same error (/www/ on line 268) but it did not prevert me from uploading. I 100% sure I saw this error on my main tar.bz2 change.

My file rather small - ~50K and PNG format. Are you sure that your file size less then 300K as it's required? (Default screenshots are saved in PNG and usually takes more that 300K...)

I just pressed 'change' button on Scrrenshot1 part of edit form... - Feb 05 2006
Thanks for feedback! Trully apreciate that.

Done some improvements about. (In changelog). - Jan 31 2006
Okay :) done squared one. See INSTALL note above. - Jan 30 2006

GTK2 Themes 5 comments

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Jan 22 2006
Agreed, grey was too dark for black text on it. Made it several steps lighter.
Now deal? :-) Will it be your best ever theme? :))
Making grey lighter will loose the point if Dark theme. There are tons light grey themes around. - Jan 21 2006

GTK2 Themes 5 comments

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Jan 17 2006
Thanks. Encouraging :) - Jan 06 2006
How to draw border around main content area (the one showing folders/files/thumbs in Nautilus, or command prompt in Gnome-terminal) ? - Jan 06 2006