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César Delgado
Kickoff-qt on Kubuntu 7.04

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by Ruffinius 79 comments

Somebody says "Ignorance is pretty brave". Clearly pictured here.

Let's collect a liitle bit more information:

1.- MAC OS spotlight feature (around 2002):

2.- Beagle Linux feature: this project is an attempt in Linux to bring spotlight feature to Linux desktops, starts when XP were launched, around 2002. This feature is on development yet and will probably be included integrated on the desktop on KDE4. SuSE just integrated a little bit earlier, since Novell is a direct competitor of Microsoft.

In Gnome desktop, Novell also includes beagle integrated on a different menu style.

MAC and Linux takes ideas one from the other all the time (spaces is basically an adaptation of Novell 3D desktop, keyring is an improvement of kwallet idea -that works very poorly at the moment-, that GNOME is now trying to catch).

In fact, Win95 is an Apple 89 rip off, and Windows Vista is a MAC OS X (based on Berckeley Unix Distribution) rip off on the stetical aspect.

Besides, Novell's KDE menu is different to Vista and MAC OS, since there are several sections, such as applications, favorites, computer, and logout.

3.- Is it important the features that desktops includes? Is it here the importance of the opensource? I don't think so.

Do you think that in the future there would be PCs? Or would be mobile phones? Or may be small terminals integrated all over your environment (desktop, fridge,...)? In such a complex scenario, would be a good idea to keep different development islands (different technologies for different platforms) making life more and more complicated to the developer, or better to share a same common development platform for everyone?

I don't know which is going to be the future, but it looks like that Google would have a better position than M$, since Internet services over fast networks seems to have a better future than software licenses. You can access to a service through whatever the interface you use (PC, mobile, terminals, ...). I'd like to have a centralized point where I collect all the information related to a company, a house or whatever I need to control, and give open access to them.

More than that, if you want to develop fast a project, it is much better to have something already done and just adapt it to the specific environment you have, not having to develop same kind of applications over and over again. Just see moodle, as cooperative environment. Universities all over the world are integrating them. Probably if they find problems, they will fix them and that's how this particular tool is getting bigger and bigger, better and better.

It is not simple to adapt, but some companies can make some money making the adaptation to the customer needs. Of course, much cheaper for the customer than a complete installation and will include support of the developers.

So, it would be a good idea to get a little bit more information before posting anything, so we can really share ideas, instead of just attack things that we don't like (without even know why so many people are making so many efforts in a concrete direction).

César - Jul 22 2007

Karamba & Superkaramba by PARENA 156 comments

Is there any way to resize the calendar. There is no way to see the letters on my computer, is very very small.

The other point to fix is add next month on the same screen for planning over weeks.

- Mar 16 2007