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Anders Friberg

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 109 comments

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Jul 10 2009
Aaaiight! thanks for your answers. Will read more careful and use the correct threads in the future.
Keep up the good work mr. Lancelot!

Anders - May 11 2009
... or in a similar way, dividing it into administration and, and, and whatever the other is... system?... Would also be nice if personal organization isn't possible.

Keep up the work! - May 05 2009
...without having to reopen lancelot everytime would be a bliss. - May 05 2009
For me, the multimedia, system and internetfolders are very large. Would it be possible to personally rearrange the order in them? - May 05 2009
Hello! If it would be possible to shrink the icons I would certainly appreciate that. Hate scrolling. Doesn't let me overlook everything the way I prefer. - May 05 2009