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Andrea Pierangeli

Conky by ArnoNymus 92 comments

Hi, I've managed to add a screenshot of my desktop.
As you can see, the part in the right is showing bad but i can't understand where the error is...
I followed the istructions and i also tried to start the procedura from scratch again and again. The result is always the same (what you see).
Can you help please? Any suggestion wold be really appreciated.

PS: The distribution is Archlinux, not Ubuntu - Apr 24 2011

Conky by ArnoNymus 92 comments

Maybe it's an arch issue.
I'm having problems too, even if i'm quite sure this is not due to resolution...
I think there is a problem in conkyForecast.template becouse titles and infos are not aligned in my screen. I mean: under Wind section (for example) the template shows
speed: value
CALM Sunset: value
Daylight: value
Moon: value

Of course CALM shold not be there (maybe moon too, not sure).

Can you check if your alignment is wrong too?
Thanks - Apr 23 2011