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Andrey Ugolnik Minsk, Belarus

System Software 9 comments

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Feb 06 2007
Unfortunately this did not work on Toshiba Satellite a100-906. Slider on Kicker stay on top and not movable. - Feb 08 2007

System Software 1026 comments

by Sho
Score 86.7%
Mar 28 2018
After some time Yakuake not change the name of the tab. Whats wrong?
Yakuake 2.7.5, KDE 3.5.3, Gentoo Linux 2006.0 - Jun 16 2006
This is a good application, i use it, i like it.
How i can change appearance of active tab and disable renaming by mouse click?

And whats new in 2.7.5 version? - Mar 21 2006

Graphic Apps 185 comments

by CKulT
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Jun 24 2010
I get error while compiling:

checking for mcopidl... not found
configure: error: The important program mcopidl was not found! - Jun 14 2006
Maxemum TV-Guide

Utilities 56 comments

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Mar 04 2007
Thank you, but i make ebuild for this itself.
Also i make patches for 6.2.18 that fix:
- invalid window resize while title is too big
- support for time shift
I plan to e-mail this patches to author of this excellent tool. - Jun 10 2006
Is Gentoo ebuild available for Maxemum TV-Guide? - Jun 08 2006
Port Neko98, merge with AMOR (proposal)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 6 comments

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May 26 2006
Can anyone explain me what this it? - May 26 2006

Amarok 1.x Scripts 274 comments

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Oct 20 2007
Sorry for my mistake - i forget to install mp3gain tool.
Now it works, i think ;) - May 26 2006
i try to set gain to any MP3 file and get this error dialog box:

The following files failed:file:///home/user/music/The%20Offspring/Americana/(13)%20Pay%20The%20Man.mp3

Whats wrong? I try to use 0.8.5, 0.8.6 versions - no success.

Also i try to set gain in MP3 without spaces or dashes in path and name - same error. - May 26 2006
Beesoft Commander

System Software 52 comments

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Sep 20 2008
No dir:

/usr/share/bsc $ ls
images - Apr 11 2006
>> 1. FTP not support RUSSIAN encoding on FTP-server on Windows (may be on Linux too).
> Sure. Program works only on client side.

I mean that when i connect to windows based ftp-server i can't see RUSSIAN filenames. But i try to change FTP-font in BSC config.

> 2. No way to disable splitting NAME and EXT.
> For which reason need you full name (basename + ext) as one word.

It more comfortable for me.

> 7. Can't cahnge language.
> Impossible.
> Try to check your read permissions for *.qm files (/usr/shared/bsc/languages).

$ cd /usr/shared/bsc/languages
bash: cd: /usr/shared/bsc/languages: No such file or directory - Apr 11 2006
As i see, no advantages at this moment. But BSC has a future, imho. - Apr 11 2006
1. FTP not support RUSSIAN encoding on FTP-server on Windows (may be on Linux too).
2. No way to disable splitting NAME and EXT.
3. No way to swap left and right pannels.
4. Internal viewer and editor so far to good.
5. No way to enable/disable columns in pannels.
6. No doble click in FTP-list (connect to server).
7. Can't cahnge language.
8. No way to change/add shortcuts to any dirs. - Apr 11 2006

Browser 127 comments

by whilo
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Feb 25 2009
Is it has support for WordPress weblog?
Is it support picture submition? - Apr 06 2006

Science 26 comments

by NiQ
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Jun 17 2007
This is a best calculator even i seen!
I use 0.9.0 version and wish this things:
- on kde startup i wish to start Qalculate hidden in tray, not actual window.
- ability to popup main window from tray and hide in tray by key combination
- ability to represent numbers as 0x0feff (for HEX), 0b0011101010 (for BIN) - Mar 14 2006