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Andy R
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Tango Eclipse Splash Screen

Gnome 2 Splash Screens 2 comments

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Apr 25 2008
I installed it, and it's a nice editor. It doesn't have all the features I use every day in Eclipse (autocompletion, SVN integration, etc), but I will probably use it instead of GEdit for normal text editing/Python work. Thanks for pointing it out! - Apr 25 2008
Clearbox-Look 2 Red Close

Metacity Themes 3 comments

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May 09 2007
Thanks! GTK theme is MurrinaLooks, icon theme is one made by Tango-Generator with order being something like Foxtrot, Tango Unabashed, Tango Common, Tango, Stock GTK Icons. - May 10 2007
Dropline Neu!-Style Banshee Icon

Icon Sub-Sets 2 comments

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Dec 13 2006
Strange. It should work now. - May 09 2007
Soft Blue Gentoo Desktop

Gnome Screenshots 2 comments

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Mar 05 2007
What I did was extract that .deb, then copy all files from the data folder to the places they needed to be manually. To get it to work, I had to remove the localization stuff, but it worked great after that. - May 09 2007
God Hears Your Prayers

Wallpaper Other 96 comments

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May 04 2007
When did I suggest you threatened to harm anyone? - May 05 2007
"Also, I never said anything about having this deleted, so your comparison is not applicable."

"By suggesting that we just ignore things we don't like,"

If you were offended by people suggesting you just ignore it, the assumption would be you wanted to have it removed instead. What were you referring to then, if the alternative to ignoring it wasn't deleting it? - May 05 2007
"By suggesting that we just ignore things we don't like,"

I don't like your comments. Does that mean I should have the right to delete them? No. I have to take the good with the bad, as everyone does. Complaining because something you don't like is in your sight, especially when it is your choice that it is, is juvenile.

Also, that has nothing to do with your freedom of expression; furthermore, the others trying to get this deleted is a violation of OUR freedom of expression.

"and by telling people what criteria we should consider when we vote."

I don't see a comment saying that. Vote by how good you think it is. - May 05 2007
"Every time Christianity is brought up in my presence I find it rude."

Sorry, but you will have to learn that there are other opinions than yours.

"This disgusting attack on the freedom of all free thinkers"

Isn't that what these comments are?

"Am I wrong then to say I don't want to hear preaching from a school of thought that teaches that it's righteous for people to suffer eternally for disagreeing with them?"

No, you are free to not hear it. However, if you don't want to hear it, what on earth are you doing reading the comments?! - May 05 2007
"To attack our freedom of expression"

How are we attacking your freedom of expression? - May 05 2007
"I meant that personal stuff is away of this conversations..."

I wish it were. This is a wallpaper some will enjoy, and some will not, just like most wallpapers. Nothing personal about it, and I am ashamed that such a large amount of flaming would occur because of it.

"just mad because you are anoying when discusions are related to your religious ego."

I don't believe I have a religious ego. I don't see myself as better than others because of my religion. Why would I? We are all just human beings.

"If you are OK with the fact that many people thinks different and might make different propossals here WATCH OUT THE NEW GNOME-LOOK STUFF."

Sorry, but I can't understand what you mean by that. - May 04 2007
"Did you tried to say a FREE WORLD?"

No, because not all countries grant freedom.

"And, by the way, there is no subject in your answers: it looks like you are missing the subject of this thread because of the hot air in your head."

No, it is merely due to truncation; if you look at your post, you will see that yours did the same thing. - May 04 2007
"You compare us to swine for not agreeing with you and still try to claim some sort moral high ground? Whatever happened to "Judge not, lest ye be judged yourself"? Frankly your attitude is an embarrassment to your own religion, and if anything I think it acts to disuade people from believing as you do"

I agree. However, it is interesting to note the hypocrisy in his speech, and as such I can not blame the replier for being angry. - May 04 2007
"That wasn't 'material', that was a reaction against offencive matterial."

...which is in and of itself material.

"Please (...) come sharing interesting gnome-themes."

He has.

"It is obvious that you are so young as confussed."

It is obvious that you need some grammar help. Please make it a complete sentence so that I can read and enjoy it. - May 04 2007
"Though, This people doesn't respect freedom of speech,"

It is a USAGE of freedom of speech.

"because if freedom is this kind of vomit against others"

What vomit against others? Seems the bashers are doing the vomiting.

"then I'll start proposing my Atheist stuff,"

Feel free. It's a free country.

"pushing out 'believers'"

You can't push us out unless we leave of our own will, so feel free.

"and punching the face of every Christian and his cumbersome values."

That is a violation of the other persons freedom, and is offensive.

When did people begin to forget what freedom was? - May 04 2007

"I think this has to do with respect for each other.
I feel offended by religious stuff."

I feel offended by nude stuff, yet you don't seem to care. Tell me again, WHO is trying to push WHAT message? Trying to block a message is pushing a message as well.

This is a wallpaper many, including myself, enjoy. Neutrality is not taking sides; removing all sides, even if it were possible, is taking a side.

"What would you think about images which contain messages like "satan rules", "allah is great", "Ganesha owns em all" or "there is no god, atheism is the only way"?"

I would think that they have just as much a place here as this wallpaper. - May 04 2007
If we didn't post anything that would offend someone, we wouldn't be able to post much of anything. Sorry, but this is a wallpaper, in the wallpaper section. Don't like it, don't download it. - May 04 2007

GTK2 Themes 84 comments

by lyrae
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May 10 2008
I like it, it's very minimalistic and saves screen space! - May 04 2007
Darkness (Ephesians 5:8)

Wallpaper Other 15 comments

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May 05 2007
This is a wallpaper site, and this is a wallpaper. I do not see why there should be segregation of wallpapers. Should there also be one site for wallpapers showing grass, and another for wallpapers showing nude women, and another for wallpapers showing water?

All kinds of wallpaper goes here. If you find it offensive, you don't have to download or use it; nobody is forcing you. - May 04 2007
ubuntu orb

Wallpapers Ubuntu 2 comments

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Dec 14 2006
Excellent work! - Dec 14 2006