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Jun 29 2009
Your comment shows a complete and utter lack of understanding when it comes to science.

You clearly do not understand the difference between the big bang, abiogenesis, and evolution.

Also your use of the word "decided" implies that the singularity was concious. How could that then be an atheist viewpoint? If the singularity had thoughts, the singularity would be god.

Seriously, how stupid is it to take your beliefs on evolution from people who get paid by selling you religious dogma? That's like going to an astrologist to learn about astronomy.

If you really study the science, you will realize that evolution is an obvious truth. The way biology functions, evolution is inevitable. In fact, you see evolution in every day life. Why do you think you can still get the flu every year when you've already become immune the last time?

One final thought. Faith is the intersection of ignorance and arrogance. Where else do you find people who are proud of their unwillingness to think objectively? - Jul 12 2009
If your imaginary friend loves me, doesn't that mean you love me? If so, that's kinda gay. Thanks but no thanks. Keep your imaginary friends and such to yourself. - Jul 12 2009
Let me guess, any comment that disagrees with your perspective or denies the existence of your imaginary friend is a comment without "sense"?

And I suppose it totally makes sense that you believe that a cosmic Jewish Zombie who was his own father can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree... - Jun 29 2009
God is with us!

GDM Themes 10 comments

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Jan 24 2007
The world around you is proof that god is a lie. In fact, even the bible itself is proof that god is a lie.

All you have to do is look at these things while using critical thinking and you will see the obviousness of the deception.

Unfortunately, like an autoimmune disease, religion gives you "faith" which prevents you from using your critical thinking to rid yourself of the disease of religion.

Religion is an effective and highly virulent meme that has done incalculable harm to it's hosts. The only solution is educational vaccination. - Jul 12 2009
The One Necklace

Wallpaper Other 6 comments

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Dec 15 2008
When is society going to wake up and realize that it's not okay for adults to have imaginary friends?

It's amazing that in an age when we understand so much through science people still believe in absurd superstitions... - Dec 18 2008
girl ubuntu

Wallpapers Ubuntu 11 comments

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Jul 27 2007
I would also like to point out that your avatar has a phallic symbol in it. - Jul 27 2007
That's absurd. You seriously think a child will be ruined by seeing a sexualized image of an adult member of his species? I think it far more likely that a child would be "ruined" by being raised in an oppressive environment in which sex is so stigmatized that that they learn to fear something as natural to any living thing as mating. I'm so sick of this "think of the children" bullshit. The people who scream this mantra the most are the exact people that give kids a warped perspective on the world and truly do them harm. Asking people to censor something because you had the misfortune of being raised to fear it is just selfish, and to involve children as an excuse is hypocritical. - Jul 27 2007
God Hears Your Prayers

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May 04 2007
I'm capable of knowing when it's appropriate to exercise restraint. I can't imagine how anybody could even survive a single day without practicing at least a modicum of restraint.

However, when one starts spreading a message I don't like, I don't think restraint is always appropriate. By the time I arrived, a heated debate was already in progress, and I had thoughts I wished to add to that argument. Since then, I've mostly just been responding to people's critisizms of my statements. If you don't like a spirited debate, perhaps you should chose to exercise your discretion and not participate. I know I personally enjoy a debate as long as it doesn't degrade into name calling and other infantile behaviour, so I'll stay. If the original creator of this didn't want to participate in a lively debate, they shouldn't have posted the kind of material that sparks one. - May 05 2007
Well said, Exciton. Thank you for your support. You're right about documenting history, it's the only chance we have to stop making the same mistakes we've been making for thousands of years. Even now I think the ability to see at least some portions of our past has lead to improvements. At least we're not repeating some of the more terrible parts of our history as much, but unfortunately new problems have surfaces as well. Even so, the only way to really progress is for us to face our problems one at a time and move onward to a better future. - May 05 2007
No, you didn't. You misunderstand my analogy. I'm comparing the belief that torture is an appropriate response to disbelief (hell) to my comparatively mild request that people not push their beliefs on us.
- May 05 2007
I still don't understand why you think it's more respectful to ignore the message of a piece of art when you make a judgement about it. If this was a fantastic piece of art, I might take that into consideration, but I would still dislike it's message, and I would still dislike the totality of the piece (but not as much). What's wrong with my rating something good or bad based on my opinion of it? - May 05 2007
I agree, there are far more productive things to do. But I still think it's important that both sides state their point of view. It is my opinion from observations of history, that one of the easiest ways to lose your freedom of speech is to neglect to use it. The creator of this piece is spreading an implicit message, and I'm responding with my point of view. What's wrong with that? - May 05 2007
I suggest that the polite thing to do would be to not post it in the first place. That's just a suggestion. To request it's deletion would be a resort to force which I think would be unnecessary. - May 05 2007
Did I ever suggest that the poster should be harmed in any way for posting this? No. I said I don't like it. On the other hand, chirstianity promotes the idea that eternal torture is a just response for expressing disbelief in something. Again your comparison does not apply. - May 05 2007
So you admit you're trying to sell us your religion? - May 05 2007
Giving up my freedom to criticize something is not tolerance, it's censorship. I'm not demanding it be deleted, I'm not crying to the admins, I'm stating my opinion that I don't think it's appropriate for this site, and that I for one don't welcome that message. He's free to post whatever he wants, and I'm free to critisize it. You're free to disagree with my critisizms and I'm free to give substantiating reasons for my statements. See, we're all free. I wouldn't have it any other way.

It seems the poster of this artwork doesn't want to hear anything negative about his religion, and I have humbly suggested a solution to that problem (post on a site dedicated to such content). He's free to take my suggestion or leave it. Isn't freedom nice? - May 05 2007
"And don't vote it down because you don't agree with the message." - SlackDude

Also, I never said anything about having this deleted, so your comparison is not applicable. - May 05 2007
Both, really. The art is basic and doesn't really appeal to me. On top of that, the message is disagreeable to me. The rating is based on whether we like the piece or not, and if a piece has a message, that's an obvious part of any decision you might make as to whether you like it or not. - May 05 2007
By suggesting that we just ignore things we don't like, and by telling people what criteria we should consider when we vote. - May 05 2007
If you expected your opinion would be attacked that just proves that you are being intentionally confrontational just so you can preach. How childish is that? And you act like I'm the bad guy when I say that I for one don't want it! Again, if you don't want your opinion challenged don't post it. - May 05 2007
We have just as much right to say we dislike his message and to mark down content we do not like as he has to post it in the first place. To attack our freedom of expression while supporting his is hipocritical at best. - May 05 2007
How dare you make assumptions about what I believe. I would never believe your farcical nonsense. I'm sorry I had to put it that way, but you've really pissed me off by implying that I'm in some sort of rebellion against your imaginary friend. Since you feel it's all right to tell others what you think they believe, I'll be open and say exactly what I believe, so you can stop guessing. I believe your religion is disgracefully ignorant. Science, history, and all other forms of progress have shown for the last several hundred years that the bible is metaphorical at best. I think people who base their decisions on literal interpretation of an obvious work of fiction are dangerous and irresponsible. Every time Christianity is brought up in my presence I find it rude. By your beliefs I would be tortured for eternity, and you would praise this decision as righteous. This disgusting attack on the freedom of all free thinkers is an inherrant part of your faith. Am I wrong then to say I don't want to hear preaching from a school of thought that teaches that it's righteous for people to suffer eternally for disagreeing with them? - May 05 2007
Did the person I replied to not ask me to talk to God if I have a problem? I'm not mocking you, if there is a God, I ask him to please keep his followers in check and leave me and others like me alone! This is an ongoing genuine request from your deity. - May 04 2007
You compare us to swine for not agreeing with you and still try to claim some sort moral high ground? Whatever happened to "Judge not, lest ye be judged yourself"? Frankly your attitude is an embarrassment to your own religion, and if anything I think it acts to disuade people from believing as you do. I know I would never take someone seriously who says thing like that. Now that personal insults are flying, I'm going to bow out of this conversation before it gets out of control. - May 04 2007
I don't think this should be removed, but I do feel the need to say I don't like it, and to point it out for what it is. For the most part this stuff just disappears into obscurity anyway. It's kind of telling that there are only 20 or so downloads and over 30 comments. I totally support freedom of speech, and if I posted something with a slogan like "Religion Kills", I would expect it to start discussion, and to have a lot of dissenting opinions to deal with. Now, since I don't like to push controversial opinions on a partially unwilling audience, I restrain myself from posting things like that. I'm now using my freedom of speech to politely request that you do the same. If you don't want to take my advice, fine, you can do whatever you want. May I suggest that you at least post this on a christian website as well? You'll get tons of adulation for making it, which I think would be good for your self esteem, mood, etc. I'm sure you'll see that it's a far more rewarding experience to have a totally appreciative audience. - May 04 2007
Stuff from Ubuntu Christian Edition is here as well. From what I've seen, I think U.S.E. was a kind of response to the creation of U.C.E. Frankly I'd rather not see either one. - May 04 2007
"God, Please Protect Me From Your Followers" - May 04 2007
lol! You beat me to it, I was just about to post the definition myself. For anyone reading that definition, how it applies here is that everything is inherrently secular unless it is specifically made religious. Now do you understand why this site, like almost all other sites is secular? There are religious sites where you can go to post this material! Posting something with a message that implies that people should believe as you do is antagonistic, so don't act like we're attacking you when in reality we are defending the neutrality of this site. - May 04 2007
If the sight of the female form of our species is that offensive to you, I suggest you gouge your eyes out or become a hermit to avoid a nervous breakdown. How can you even be a member of society if just the sight of people's bodies offends you? Skin is something everyone is born with, religion is something that's forced upon us. There is a huge difference. - May 04 2007
Why can't you just post this on a site that's appropriate for it? Why must religious people always push their propaganda into every square inch of the world? Don't you understand that half the people don't want to have to see this stuff? If there are sites that the other half who DO want see this go to, why can't you post it there and leave secular sites alone? How would you like it if I went into your church and started preaching Islam or Buddhism? It's not a matter of filling a demand and you know it. It's a matter of spreading your belief, something which your imaginary friend commands you to do. Once you understand the pretenses, it becomes obvious that this is an unwanted attempt to sell an idea. If you really just wanted to "fill a need" you would post this on a site where people are garaunteed to like what you are posting. I'm sure if you do a google search for "Christian Wallpaper" you can find thousands of sites that are appropriate for this. - May 04 2007
Crying to the admins because something offends you is a spineless thing to do, and to me almost seems like an attack of free expression, which is something I support. I would much rather state my opinion about this piece in a public forum, as I would encourage you or anyone else who may disagree with me to do. I am stating my opinion, so that the poster of this content sees that it is not the appropriate place for it. I think others will continue to do the same. I would never want to force someone not to post such things, but I see nothing wrong with telling them that I don't like it, so they make the right choice themselves in the future. - May 04 2007
Blades of grass don't offend people, but religion does. I'm sorry, but to me and anyone else who doesn't care for religion, it's like seeing advertising or spam. You are trying to push a message that not everyone wants to hear. If you want to push that message there are sites dedicated to such things. - May 04 2007
Darkness (Ephesians 5:8)

Wallpaper Other 15 comments

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May 05 2007
Fine, I don't want him to take it down anyway. But I do want to expose the fact that this is an attempt to preach, and that for many of the members of this site it constitutes an unwelcome and intrusive message. The religious establishment has become increasingly more vocal in recent years, and if they are going to preach by posting this wallpaper, I think it's my duty as a free thinking person to "counter-preach" in the comments. If the poster doesn't want a negative response, they should post where such content is universally welcome. I would like to add that there are far more Christian based theme sites than there are Gnome based sites, by a very large margin. If this was something other than a wallpaper, I would be far less critical, but it's not like it's related to Gnome in any way. Anybody with 5 minutes and some very basic Gimp skills could put bible quotes on someone elses wallpaper for their personal purposes. I often modify wallpapers that I use, sometimes adding text that I like, but I don't share small modifications like that. The fact that this person felt the need post someone elses wallpaper with the mere addition of a bible quote makes it blatantly obvious what the intent was here. The moral of this story is: don't preach if you don't want to hear someone refute you. - May 05 2007
Even if only 0.1% are good sites that leaves you with 1,730 other more appropriate sites to chose from. Don't insult my intelligence by claiming there isn't a better place for this. - May 04 2007
And the survey says (google search):
Results 1 - 10 of about 1,730,000 for christian wallpaper. (0.07 seconds)

You were saying? - May 04 2007
How can you threaten me and then claim you're not selling anything? If you really just wanted to share something with your christian buddies, there are thousands of sites dedicated to that, where you can share your faith in peace. You posted this here to preach, quit lying to yourself. - May 04 2007
Maybe you should post your sales pitch on a site where people want to hear that sort of thing? - May 04 2007

GTK2 Themes 2 comments

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Jul 09 2005
Thanks! The font is Anorexia. - Jul 09 2005