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Bigby James , United States of America

Plasma 4 Extensions by Lechio 574 comments

You could stick some of those on the Dashboard. I have all my widgets (save for an analog clock) hidden on the dashboard: under System Settings->Workspace Appearance->Workspace, switch the Dashboard setting to "Show and independent widget set;" apply the changes, then press ctrl+F12 to pull up the dashboard. After adding the plasmoids you want, those widgets will appear only on the dashboard, rather than cluttering your desktop.

NOTE: I'm using KDE 4.5; the System Settings layout is different in older versions. - Aug 09 2010

Full Icon Themes by TheRob 30 comments

Thanks for the info. I guess the info I was looking for was how to set up a hotkey combo to get a selected file onto the clipboard and open a gloobus window with one quick stroke; sorry for the lack of detail. I just switched over to KDE about six weeks ago, so I'm still trying to figure all this out. I'll see what I can figure out; if you could help me with the hotkeys, I'd appreciate it. Again, thanks a lot!!!! - Aug 06 2010

Full Icon Themes by TheRob 30 comments

Fine work again, man. Couple of follow-up questions concerning your screenshots:

1) I'm guessing you've tweaked your panels personally to mimic the AWN Lucido style; any tips on how to do that? Or, if it IS AWN, how'd you get the bespin global menu to work with it?

2) Is that gloobus-preview? I've failed to get that working nicely myself; any tips on that?

Otherwise, if you don't wanna bother with my tedious bullshit, just take my thanks for the folder set. Take care! - Jul 26 2010