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CD Labeling Template

CD/DVD Labels by SeanParsons 1 comment

There is a very nice Linux program for making labels of all kinds; including CD labels, DVD labels, CD and DVD case inserts, business cards, and more. It is called gLabels. It is quick, easy to use, and has a lot of useful functionality. It has very good templates available for Avery, Fellowes, Maco, Meritline, Memorex, Stomper, and more. The template collection continues to grow.

gLables is available for most distributions.

You can get gLabels from:
Here you can find the source files and RPM's for SUSE, Red Hat, and Debian.

If the gLabels web site does not have a package for your favorite distribution, you can find what you need at: (type in gLabels at the search prompt).

BTW - is a fabulous resource for finding any RPM one needs for any distribution. - Jan 10 2007
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