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... are they available in higher resolutions, too? I'm using 1600x1200 all the time.

D. - Mar 04 2003
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1. I did not say that france or any party involved have a clean white shirt - all the nations involved have been digging in the dirt as it were. I find it rather hypocritical that one of the nations who has been funding terrorism on a large scale world-wide, who has been in breech of UN-resolutions, and which is about to be in breech of international law is shouting the loudest.

2. Very democratic - if someone does not do exactly as we want them we put pressure on them - as in the case sanctions against germany - but hey what do you expect, America is probably the only democracy were the candidate with 500.000 less votes wins!

3. America has still not come up with any plan, what it will do afterwards - sth. they probably don't really know themselves - bush just waffles, without giving any content - pure propaganda. 'He is running out of patience'(is that maybe the american analytical skills you were referring to?), well so I am with my neighbour, I might just go down and shoot him this afternoon!

4. America disregards all other voices, even from all the experts around the world as well as within America, who predict not only a humanitarian catastrophy but also the fact that war with Iraque will destabilize the whole gulf region even more, does do nothing in the war against terrorism (the real threat), weakens the UN, and probably will very likely aggrevate the whole muslim world (but hey - america can then just bomb the next nation and then the next and so on) furthering extremism. sorry but bush has far too many military advisors - and of course they want war.

5. This is about hegemony - or more precisely american hegemony. what really worries me is the 'missionray' zealousy of american policy and especially foreign policy. to refer back to point number 4 - where will this lead to ??? probably to american military occupation around the world - pax america, the new roman empire

6. I am not generally anti-american, in fact i have got very good american friends, but i am anti-american-imperialism and foreign policy. you may disagree, fine, but i am entitled to my views - maybe sth. that (and I just assume you are) as an american are not to. - Mar 04 2003
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Your none-arguments bore *me*

"Saddam is guilty by association.
Those that are terrorists or states that harbor terrorist will be dealt with."

So you're prosecutor, judge and executioner in one?

"Just go back to your "cushy" little fantasy world."

I don't live in a fantasy world and my world is not cushy. Maybe those who believe that terrorism can be abolished with a war are the ones who live in fantasy world. It's one feature of terrorism that it exists completely detached from any structure which represents a state or country. It's spread all over the world and no war against a single country can do anything against that. (E.g. Afghanistan: Bin Ladn just left and lives somewhere else now, e.g. Israel/Palestine: they have war there since decades and terrorism is stronger than ever)

Saddam will be brought down shortly. He will be used as an example to other rogue states.

"Countries which are founded on a Republic form of government with a free economy are the best way"
Fully ack.
The question is: How does one obtain this? Do you want to invade 100 of about 180 countries on earth (my estimation of the relation between democratic and none-democratic states in the world)?

"PPS: If you get a chance tell the little communist dictator "Troll Doll" up in North Korea not too sleep too easy at night. His day's are numbered as well. Most likely China will slap him upside the head for us. China loves money and they don't want anyone messing up their little Communist/Capitalist experiment."

Wasn't it you who wanted to liquidate all the states who aren't the way you like it. Allright, have fun with China. Wake up, this is no computer game. War kills human beings, mostly the innocent ones.

"PPPS: Try reading sometime, your arguments bore me"

You are the polite kind, aren't you?

One question: Do you have kids?

Cheerz Lars

PS: Hope my english is not too bad

- Mar 02 2003

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You obviously live a country that sounds terrible. I suggest setting up a paypal account to collect founds to
go over to Iraq to be a human shield. Leave now before this oppressive government takes the right away from
you. Just keep in mind, the line is long to get into America, and very short to get out. We need no barbed wire fences
or walls to keep people here. As far as our economy goes, it is much better than these socialist pacifist Europeans
countries are.

On the Japan issue, remember Dec 7, 1941? They bomb our asses to hell while we were playing the pacifist. Yes, we
tried pacifism and isolationism. During the war, we found out just how hard they fought. When we took the
Island of Okinawa in June 1945, they fought to the last man. The civilians jumped off cliffs by the hundreds. As we
prepared to take the mainland of Japan and finish this conflict (they started). Our experts calculated that they
would lose well over a million people and we would loose over a hundred thousand. A sad fact of history is, less died
as the result of the two atom bombs we dropped than would have if the conventional war continued to its conclusion. America
set up a democratic government and pumped money into the reconstruction of their country. Prior to this, Japan worship their
Emperor as a god and had never tried self rule. People thought that it could not be done. Well, I am happy to report that Japan
is doing pretty damn good these days. I have no animosity against them today. In fact, I respect their courage and sense of duty.

On Iraq, Saddam poses a threat to the US. This threat will be removed. In the process, the Iraq people will be better off.

In all sincerity, please leave this country. America deserves better.
- Mar 01 2003
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Wallpaper Other by emumania 24 comments

your time trying to point out the facts to these pacifists. They are not concerned with the welfare of the Iraq people. As long as France has its oil contracts and the Germans continue their trade deals, they will continue to support Saddam.
The truth of the matter is that they know that we will uncover unGodly acts of terror and made in France/Germany on many prohibited technologies and materials. Thankfully, most of Europe is behind us. Many of the eastern states still
have fresh memories of what it is like to live under oppression and brutality. Even if they were behind us, what assistance can they provide? France has a single defective carrier and the Germans are only slightly better equipped. I have read
where they resent the fact that we are a "hyper-power". The truth is that they resent us because we remind them just how gutless they are. It is not Americas military equipment that makes us powerful, it is the "balls" to do what needs to be done.

- Mar 01 2003
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Hussein did not destry the WTC, it was a bunch of moslem looneys.
Saddam Hussein is a dictator who rejects religosity. A fact for which he has repeatedly been blamed by Bin Ladn. You have to open your eyes and take a sharp look at the world. If you want to take revenge for the WTC don't choose the wrong target.

Cheerz Lars

Cheerz Lars - Mar 01 2003
peace pigeon

Wallpaper Other by emumania 24 comments

political Forum, but hey.

1. an aggressive war can never be justified - the notion of preventative war is downright stupid and dangerous - there is nothing that will stop other states from beginning wars (f.e India/Pakistan) on these grounds, especially when America does not adhere to the UN - of course the UN stays and falls (to some degree) with the US - even more important that they adhere to it, which Mr.Bush doesn't.

2. Iraque and the Iraque nation does not pose any direct threat at the moment - the US and Britain have failed to come up with any substantial proof that Iraque has weapons of mass destruction - the so called dossiers where more than embarising, pulled from the Internet and in large parts 12 years old

3. It was America in the first place who supplied Saddam before the first Gulf War with weapons of mass destruction for their conflict with Iran - and quiet frankly Saddam was a big buddy because of the oil - America didn't give a shit about the human rights violations then, did they? But suddenly they are trying to make a moral cause for war.

4. It was also America (the CIA to be precise) who trained and funded Osama Bin Laden and therfore El Kaida and the Taliban - Again because it suited them to keep the russians at bay.

5. America already promises Turkey a part of Iraquies oil as well as support in their dealings with the Kurdish population - great so lets oppress another minority and let the Turkish government deal with the Kurdish Population the way they like, so we can station our troops there !

6. America does not adhere to any democratic rules - it does what it wants. so when there is resistance or a matter of difference in opinion America coerces or buys their way through - for gods sake they are even thinking about sanctions against germany, why? because they voice their opinion (which by the way they are not alone with and it seems every sensible creature on earth shares the same opinion)- very democratic!
You might critizise Schröder, the fact is has backbone and does not back down for what he ultimately believes in (at least he is not like tony blair up to his shoulders in bushes arse)- fact is that economically a swift war with iraque would help the german economy, which is in diar needs and if anything would give him votes (by the time of the elections people will have forgotten about the war anyway)


This is about American coercion and hegemony. Pax America - the new Imperialism and the domination on a global scale through military means. America doesn't give a shit about any other nations - they never have really (just look at environmental policies and the summits that they failed to adhere to although the rest of the world does!). their motives are expansion of influence and power. And in the wake of it what mr bush will manage to do is to start off WWIII - well done !

So mr chat22 - do your research properly and don't be such a dumb ass falling for american propaganda - the humanitarian crisis would be unimaginable - the repercussions would be tremendous - but mr. bush hasn't even delivered one sensible suggestion what is going to happen after the war - why? because he doesn't know - no one knows !!!

I could go on and on, but I better stop
- Feb 27 2003
To Be Or Not To Bsod

Wallpaper Other by DarkTUX 2 comments

it's a nice reproduction of a windows 9x blue screen... but it's poorly encoded and it's spoiled by a cheaply made comment in the lower right corner - Feb 26 2003
KWinAcqua l3m + DS SuSE8.1 KDE3.1

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by sourcexx 9 comments

How about adding shadows to other window decorations?

I'm quite tired of the Mac copies...

Cheerz Lars - Feb 23 2003

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by l3m 9 comments

well it seems you only installed qt package but not the qt dev package (the qt headers) ..

i use debian, so i don't know the exact package name, but google suggests it's included in kde-dev...

hope that helps .. - Feb 17 2003

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by fault 43 comments


Successfully compiled as root with
make install

No errors.

However, I get no new "Window Decoration" option (for any user).

What am I doing wrong?


- Feb 17 2003
TeaX 0.2.1

KDE 2 Themes by teax 101 comments

Help for newbies like myself, I should say.

I also had the problem with X includes, eventually started reading the config.log file and figured out that I had lots of stuff missing.

The following were needed to install the theme(and weren't installed with a normal Mandrake installation):


Took me most of an evening to figure it out, but at least I learned a lot along the way :)


- Feb 15 2003
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Wallpaper Other by bongo 33 comments

You have it nearly correct. What you call a "safety net" we call a hammock for those not willing
to work. What you call "industrial responsibility" we call governmental interference. Where you are
wrong is that in America we do have a true "safety net". If a person in our country is truely in
need, we have countless programs to assist them until they can get back on their feet. The key here
is that we believe in helping one to help themselves, not a hand out. It is our belief that one is
not helped by giving handouts. In the long term, this only develops a dependancy on others and keeps
them inslaved to it. I live in a country where one can jump on a raft and float over for the best health
care in the world. Case and point, a Jamican women floated over here recently needing a transplant. Our "safety net" gave
this women the best care the world has to offer at a cost to the state of Florida of 3 million dollars.
Keep in mind that this is not even a citizen of our country. We are not perfect, we do have problems. For examply,
our liberal trial attorneys want to sue our doctors for things that are not a result of their negligence. This
unnecessary litigation causes our health care cost to rise. Also, we could learn from (God forbid) Cananda and
create large private insurance pools to give them the power to negotiate lower prescription medication prices.
Unfortunately, human nature being what it is, people tend to take advantage of these "safety nets". What I
feel we have in this country is the best compromise. A system that helps those truely in need, but provides the necessary
incentives to better oneself and move off this assistance. In our country we believe that all our citizens can achieve
greatness. Not just those furtunate enough to be born into a previlege family or those with luck. White, black or immigrant.
With hard work all can obtain prosperity. I thank God that I live in a country where someone can move here with no money and
do not speak the language and in a short time, own the business that they started off sweeping the floor in. Do not let
anyone mislead you. If your disabled or truely disadvantaged, you are guaranteed free or low cost health care and free education
through the undergraduate level. That sad fact is, that we tried it your way. We called it the "Great Society" programs that
included welfare and handouts. It is because of these programs that we made a portion of our society dependant upon handouts. It
convinced them that they were unable to achieve on their own. Sadly, many of them were people of color. We are in the process
now of lifting these people up and giving them the tools (education) they will need to succeed on their own. The fact of the matter
is, we do not force our citizens to go to college or even finish what we call high school. So we will always have people that do not
reach their full potential due to their own lack of inititive or unwillingness to work hard. This thread did get heated. We all
love our homeland. Unfortunately, mine is currently under attack by those that detest our freedom and our support for Israel.
I wish all well no matter where you call home. - Feb 14 2003
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Wallpaper Other by bongo 33 comments

If you judge the pulse of America by what you see and hear on campus you are very misguided.
Our universities are often filled with those longing for a utopian socialist society where America
is bad and everyone else is good. Im not trying to dis you, but simply inform you that your thoughts
on a variety of issues will change once you grow up and remove yourself from this liberal bubble in
our society. Our movie stars fall prey to the same situation. That is,stuck in a bubble where
opposing view points are not expressed openly. Ironically,in America our most liberal and
anti-American citizens are often those that have been blessed the most by this nation. Is it
guilt? I wish you the best with your studies. Plese take what you hear from others that are often
envious of our success with a grain of salt. They are experiencing high unemployement and difficulty
competing in the global market place. They are taxed heavily. Capitalism will win out over socialism every
time. Remember,your professors may have an agenda. Question their motives and view points. Ask them outright
if they believe in the capitalist system. If not, ask them why they do not use their freedom to move somewhere
else? Ask them to give the name of a country that has done more to better the world than the US and prove it.
Ask them what have they have done personally/financially to help those in need. Remember, Al Gore? He talked
a lot about helping others in need. However, his tax return showed an income of 6 million and only $50.00 given
to charity. Sorry for the rant and I do wish you the best.

- Feb 14 2003
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Wallpaper Other by bongo 33 comments

The present iraq situation pretty much boils down to one single thing in everyones minds; does Saddam have WMD.

In the US, it is overwhelming believed that he has. Over here, in Europe, the opposite is true.

Ignoring the fact that he was armed entirely by the US, (and did used to visit Washington to have chats with the president. He made the mistake of offering support to terrorist groups against Israel, and so lost US support, instigating what the Arabs call the 'second war for oil'), we over here seriously think that he would have no means with which to gather weapons.

He has been severaly ostracised by his neighbours, who all fear US retaliation, so no support there.

The UN weapons inspectors wiped out what they believed to be almost all of his weapons between 1991 and 1998.

The Gulf war never actually ended. The UK alone has been spending £4 million a week, (I think, might be a month - better check), continuing the bombing. You can imagine how much more the US has spent. As one of the US Airforce Spokesmen put it 'we're down to bombing their outhouses'. i.e. THEY HAVE NOTHING LEFT.

After the war, it was decided to impose sanctions. The UN stated that $8 billion a day was required to feed the people, only. No electricity, no healthcare or education. Only food. The US, being as benevolent as they are, capped that at $4 billion. i.e. Half the country would starve. Actually that hasn't happened. Those in power have hoarded the food. 70% of Iraqi women are anaemic, and 3 out of 5 children don't live to see their 5th birthday. These figures are from the UN.

This 'oil for food' program gets worst. The US gets the oil very very cheaply, (lucky people), and the program doesn't include any form of medicine. There were two factories in Iraq that were producing medicines, mostly paracetamol, asprin, and insulin. Because they 'could' be used to produce chemical/biological weapons, the US bombed them. Now there are no medicines at all, (exactly the same as in Sudan a while back. But you're not at war with them officially). One of the reasons people point out that Saddam, (or more accurately, normal Iraqis), try to break the embargo, is that they'll die if they don't.

Colin Powells presentation was also meant to prove that Saddam had WMD. Interestingly, it has been pointed out by US officials, that his evidence was so flimsy and circumstancial, that it wouldn't stand up in either a military or civilian court of law. As yet, no solid evidence has been produced. He refers to the fantastic document produced by the British, (which we know now was a complete scam, causing uproar and scandal). He pointed out two chemicals weapons factories, (in a previous post I proved that one of them was a media centre, the other was a bakery. As Bush knows, Pretzels can be very very dangerous). The shells that they found were actually mentioned in the Iraqi report and were therefore not a breach. However, one shell was found to have VX in it by the Americans. Confirmation studies however, showed that it wasn't the case, a fact that didn't receive enough publicity. So as far as we Europeans are concerned, Powell and the US Administration have no legs left to stand on. We can thoroughly and accurately discredit all of their 'smoking guns'. Elbaradei so far has come across 'no evidence whatsoever of any nuclear activity', (paraphrase). So it is evident that Saddam poses no threat. Except to his people, who have wanted to get rid of him for years, but weren't able to because we were too busy suppressing them for Saddams own benefit. If you want a people to rise against their evil dictator, you don't starve them to death. And you certainly don't bomb them.

Worst of all, we over here are completely bemused as to why so many Americans completely believe everything they are told. It's upsetting! Please remove the rose-tinted spectacles with which you see the world. Nothing is EVER black and white, and you aren't always the good guys. You are the only nation on earth that hasn't admitted yet that depleted uranium is very very dangerous. Since 1993, 500 000 Iraqi children have died of leukemia and lung cancer - directly attributed to the uranium. Hell, in Afghanistan, you didn't even used depleted uranium! The US used URANIUM. Now 70% of the population of Kabul have bodies 3 times or more, more radioactive than the international maximum.

I have much more to say on the matter, and that of North Korea, (I study this stuff for a living), but I'll spare you all and give you a good chance to take a sideswipe at my insensibilities and my inability to absorb propoganda.

Santa - Feb 13 2003
For as long as I have been using xfree86 4.2.99.*, I have been annoyed with the fact that there was a mixture of curors (learning later that it was qt). Now this has been fixed....it looks so much more professional. For that I thank you. I like you cursor set very much, and you have done wonders for the KDE community.

One quick thing I noticed...it seems you have missed the point that goes from the left side. I think it's pointless and should just be a standard pointer anyways.

I don't really prefer you xterm icon, and haven't found any that I like more than the old xfree cursor-font one. I just find all of the new ones really intrusive when your just trying to type. But that's my own opinion, and it's quite easy to just delete that one and have it revert.

Thanks! - Feb 13 2003
Not In My Name

Wallpaper Other by bongo 33 comments

Yes it's true. War is the sole imaginable solution in the Iraque Crises. As we all know the Iraque still has loads of WMD and that Saddam Hussein is one of the greatest supporters of islamic fundamentalist activists and terrorists. And just with his latest message (as Powell pointet out) Osama reveals the strong Bonds between his devotet fighters for God and the ... ups did he say unholy/godless? ... government of Iraque.

How could Al'Quaida attack the US without the Weapons donatet so unreserved by Saddam? And he could give those Terrorists more cardboard-cutters any day.

No its not about unthankfullnes towards the US for helping Europe to turn down Hitler even though I have to live with the results of the eye-for-an-eye-and-tooth-for-a-tooth mentality when the War was long won but one still had to bomb historical City cores to ashes for no reason other than to pay back for German crimes. But I rather live with that loss than under a Nazi Regime.

Its not about hating the USA or their People, way of live, economical, scientific or political achievements. I also dont want to rage against US-foreign policies even though sometimes they are disputable.

I also don't reason about "Why War on Iraque and not against North Korea?" especially because war on North Korea currently wouldn't be the best solution anyway although I think that one has to cope with North Corea urgently considering that according to US-Intelligence reports North Corean Missiles might be able to reach Parts of the US. I dont think NC really wants to attack the US they probably just want to use their weapon potential to blackmail the US into further economic aid, a pattern that seemed to have worked before during the Clinton administration. One still has to deal with it though.

Its not about being for or against the US or friend or enemy, "The Old Europe" is neither Enemy of nor standing against the US.

Its just the assassment of the current situation. Is Irque really a threat to the US and or other Countries? Their Army has been decimated as have been their Weapons in the last Gulf War. Even back then Iraque had not the slightest means to withstand the Nato Forces freeing Kuwait. US and British Fighter Jets are patroling Day and Night. U2's will be allowed to monitor Iraque. Are they a military threat? I dont think so. And if they make the slightest move to turn into one it will by far not be to late to stop them.

Does their example show that UN-Resolutions are worthless? I dont think any Country wants to be in the Situation Iraque is in right now, defied by the western world with harsh sanctions imposed on them and more military in their front garden than ever before. No one can say that Bagdads disregard for UN-Snctions has been without consequences so far.

Do they cooperate with Terrorists? Obviously no more very likely even less than others like the PLO. Has there been a single evidence that Iraque has given or offered or responded to requests for chemical biological or nuclear Weapons or Weapon know-how to terrorist organisations? None that I know of, none that Powell could present to the UN.

No Iraque is no well governed country, most of the People live in poverty and fear of rulers who terrorise their own People. If this is reason enough though for war against a country and if war would succesfully turn such countrys in sane democracies as it happend with Germany then we'd have to fight more wars than we possibly can.

But war against the Iraque is not likely to turn Iraque into a Country with a peaceloving democratic Government. If we look at Afganistan we will see how much effort it will still take for years to come to help them build up democracy. And right now these efforts might still fail (I hope they dont).

All in all I dont see how war against the Iraque will make the World more peacefull and secure (I even think it might just worsen the situation because right now Saddam has a lot of reasons not to use WDM or give them to Terrorists, since he knows that the next war against his Country will be the last for him what reasons would he have not to? What other serious conflicts will arise in that region?)

The current situation doesn't justify war, war will not really be helpful there are still other means to control the situation.

Is it really unthankfull to express that point of view and politically support it? Is it unfriendly towards the US? Is it an exprssion of hate? No, none of it. It is no more than serious consideration of what is the best for the world.

I dont blame others for contrary opinions all I do is to discuss in an fair manner. But in return I dont accept being denounced as unthankful and full of hate towards the US for having that opinion. - Feb 12 2003

Wallpaper Other by holme 23 comments

This is the most complete bullshit I have ever heard of. You obviously don't have ANY history education.

"The Japanese were already defeated and ready to surrender because of the effective sea blockade and the successful bombing with conventional weapons... In being the first to use it [the atomic bomb], we had adopted an ethical standard common to the barbarians of the Dark Ages."

April 1945: General Curtis le May (US Air Force) expressed a belief that the war could be ended by September or October without an invasion.

May 12: William Donovan, Director of the Office of Strategic Studies, reported to President Truman that Shuichi Kate, Japan's Minister to Switzerland, wished to "help arrange for a cessation of hostilities."

Mid-June: "A surrender of Japan can be arranged with terms that can be accepted by Japan and that will make fully satisfactory provision for America's defense against future trans-Pacific aggression." Admiral W.D. Leahy, President's Chief of Staff.

July 16: The US exploded a nuclear bomb secrety in the New Mexico desert to prove to themselves that it would work.

July 18: Stalin told Truman that he had had a telegram from the Japanese Emperor himself asking for peace. Code-breakers were already aware of this. The Soviet Union was still officially neutral at that time.

August 10: The Japanese publicly broadcast an offer of surrender. Truman ordered conventional military operations to continue full force.

August 14: The Japanese surrender was accepted.

"It would be a mistake to suppose that the fate of Japan was settled by the atomic bomb. Her defeat was certain before the first bomb fell." (UK Prime Minister Winston Churchill.)

"Certainly prior to 31 December 1945... Japan would have surrendered even if the atomic bombs had not been dropped, even if Russia had not entered the war and even if no invasion had been planned or contemplated." (US Strategic Bombing Survey, 1946.) - Feb 12 2003
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Wallpaper Other by bongo 33 comments

one lying down! :)

You must understand, that I do not hate Americans, per se. Most Americans are completely ignorant as to their own 'democratically' elected Governments policies, especially foreign policies. It is not their fault, this has been a deliberate policy since 1945. If 55% of American high-school leavers think that Britain is a state of the US, and have never even heard of the UK, or 70% of them can't point out Russian, the worlds largest country, on an atlas, then I see cause for concern. I know many Americans, and they come over here and are astounded to find out what their own country is up to in their names.

To respond to your facts;

Take Latin America. America gives in aid less than 1/5 of the money it takes in interest from loans. The loans were originally given, forcefully, by the World Bank and the IMF. Argentina had a powerful economy before 'accepting' a several $billion loan. The US threated a total trade embargo if they didn't accept, and being Argentinia's major market, they they acceeded. 10 years later, poverty ridden. Loan interest rates of 30% are not unheard of. Last year, they got another loan to bail out the public services. However, not a single dollar of the $15 billion reached Argentina. It left the IMF bank balance, and was immediately paid to American creditors. Useful eh? Shareholders glee.

Of course this doesn't include any money made by US corporations off the backs of the Latin Americans, or the terrible cost to their environment.

America was the reason third world debt wasn't cancelled. They vetoed. But you probably didn't hear that.

Ghana is another interesting case in point. I suggest you look up its history, (it's in West Africa).

re. South Africa. SA has the largest number/proportion of people infected with HIV/AIDS in the world. 5 years ago, they tried developing their own drugs to combat the disease. Producing their own medicines was infinitely cheaper than buying from anyone else. However, the US argued at the WTO that there was no need to develop new drugs, because US pharmaceutical companies had already done so. "So what?" you ask. Well, the US threatened embargoes on SA if they didn't stop trying to produce their own drugs, and the WTO backed them. The UN complained but again, the US vetoed both motions. Things got nasty, and SA had to stop the research. The wonderful US offered to sell the drugs to the SA government at the 'going price'. No discounts. However, for SA to buy enough drugs for all the people that needed it, they calculated that they would be bankrupt within 10 minutes. THAT is how much they would have to spend. So instead, the US denying the cure, they decided go after a more preventative programme...

Now Bush wades in with $15billion. That would keep the UK health service going for only 2 months. We have a fraction of the population of SA, and we're in considerably better health. $15 is peanuts. And what is the money buying? Surplus drugs the US pharmaceutical industry can't shift. Old stock that is past it 'use-by date'. You think I'm joking. I wish I was. Ask any South African. It's a little like the Kosovo war. One of my friends was a refugee. This is 1999. The US were There is one benefit though; all the $15billion will benefit the pharmaceutical companies shareholders a treat. Remember, those rich enough to have shares, are those that are rich enough not to get taxed.

Besides, what does $15billion get you these days? A handful of stealth bombers. Great.

The usual reason people flee to your country, is because your country has made living in their normal counties nothing short of hell. I think I'm right in saying that the US, since 1945, has not assisted a single communist/socialist/centre left/neutral/centre right government. And has militarily/economically destabilised and replaced 40 of them. Now, which kind of governments does that leave? Right wing & dictatorships, dictators, of course, being the preferred candidates. If you read about US foreign policy history, especially the CIA & NED, then it is rather obviously that successful applicants need to be homocidal maniacs.

A few last things;
You, (US), seem to think that the power in Europe is shifting to the east. Unfortunately for you, that isn't the case. Germany, being the economic powerhouse that it is, is bankrolling several of the govenments, including poland, estonia, latvia, etc. Whilst paying for the rebuilding of Bosnia and Kosovo, (you bombed them to tiny pieces then buggered off, as in Afghanistan, where you haven't paid a single $ of the money you promised them). Plus the fact that the Eastern Europeans are more against the war than the 'Old skool' Europeans, (87% of Germans think you are a nation of warmongers).


Just to outline the point, you said;
"If we wanted oil,land or whatever we could easily just take it."

You do. Frequently. At the cost of millions of innocent lives per year. Why do you think the rest of the world considers the US such a threat? Open your eyes, and throw off the blanket of deceit your government has thrown over you as a collective people.

Are you aware of the fact that the US supported Apartheid in South Africa? You gave them chemical and biological weapons with which to kill blacks. You armed their militias. You crushed every form of democracy, rebellion and hope. Indeed, the CIA admitted that they were the sole reason Nelson Mandela was captured and sentenced to years in prison.

"How can they have the arrogance to dictate to us where we should go or which countries should be our friends? Gadhafi is my friend. He supported us when we were alone and when those who tried to prevent my visit here today were our enemies. They have no morals. We cannot accept that a state assumes the role of the world's policeman". Nelson Mandela, 1997

As Hitler said; "If you tell a lie, tell a big lie. If you say it often enough, people will believe it". This is standard US government policy. Who in their right minds believes that Cuba offers a threat? One of the few countries in the world that has offered to let UN inspectors have free reign to look around. Wouldn't get the US doing that. Why can't we find WMD in Iraq? There are none. Is that so difficult to believe? Why is the US government refusing to co-operate with the UN weapons inspectors!? You guys say you have concrete evidence of WMD, only you can't show the UN or the world. Because there are none. It's all lies. I have not seen any facts to warrant another war.

Santa - Feb 12 2003

Wallpaper Other by holme 23 comments

WWII ended in Europe on May, 8th 1945. The nuclear attack doesn't stop the killing of jews and it doesn't end the main part of the war.

It was plain senseless - except the US wanted desperatly see the medical effects of a nuclear attack on humans. - Feb 12 2003
Not In My Name

Wallpaper Other by bongo 33 comments

You must try very hard to build up this much hate for America. Do you believe everything you read
on the web? You claim to know as much about America as those that actually live here. We forgive
more debt each year than many country's total GDP. As I mentioned, we are just now learning who our true
allies are and how ungrateful recipients of our gifts can be. Case in point, Pres. Bush announces that
we are going to give 15,000,000,000 dollars to fight the spread of aids in the continent of Africa. This
is a free gift, no repayment, no interest. How was this received? Did we get a thank you? No! The next day
Nelson Mandella called our President a racist. The very person that just offerred to save Afrian lives.
One president of an African nation, that is to receive 4 billion of the 15 billion, had the nerve to say
that it is unseen if this will actually help them. This nation has not produced 4 billion in thier entire
existance! By the way, they did not turn down this assistance. Americans give up many things so that we can
give assistance around the world. You mentioned we do not provide (as in socialist societies) "free" health
care to our citizens. How much health care could we give ourselves with 15 billion dollars.
Have you ever thought why there are millions of people each year trying to get into our country if it is so bad?
Just remember, you can always say no thank you the next time we offer to assist your country. Just think how different
Europe would look if you said that in WWI or WWII. While I disagree with you, as one of those crazy Christians
I will pray for you. I hope that you will really think about your thoughts on our country. If we wanted oil,land or
whatever we could easily just take it. Who could or would stop us? I suggest that you say a prayer that America stays a
peaceful and generous nation.
- Feb 12 2003
Sky's the Limit

Wallpaper Other by korsam 1 comment

yo - Feb 12 2003
Not In My Name

Wallpaper Other by bongo 33 comments

It is absolutely incredible how ungrateful the western Europeans
are after just a few decades. There are tens of thousands of Americans
buried over there liberating the French not once, but twice. Further, thanks
to Pres. Reagan Germans are no longer separated by a concrete and razor wire
wall. Have you forgotten the images of people being machined gun down trying
to cross? Well, be careful of what you ask for. The talk here in America is that
we are considering forming a new alliance that will include most of the free world
accept France, Germany, Cuba, Libia etal. You may have effectively isolated yourselves
from the rest of the world and have become irrelevant. The new alliance will be
made of the new European nations and our true allies that still appreciate thier freedom and realize that
freedom is not free and that life under oppression and dictatorship is hell on Earth.
This new alliance will not be formed to counter the threat of communisum but, to end
the threat of terrorism and the nations that support them. If you are not with us, you
are against us. America is learning quickly just who our friends and allies really are.
I know this will not change the minds of any of the euro ingrates out there, but for those
euros that do not feel this way. Please understand that should another sitution arise in Europe
where we are needed, you can no longer take us for granted. We are a nation that will gladly lay down
are young peoples'lives to protect those being oppressed or in need, but only for those that appreciate it!
One other point, the Germans calling us facist is laughable. For if we were, then we would have the
support of Germany and other socialist/communist nations that seems to embrace facisim many
times before.
- Feb 12 2003

Wallpaper Other by holme 23 comments

The first atomic bomb used in a military operation was dropped on the city of Hiroshima, Japan at 8:16:02 a m., Hiroshima time. The bomb, called "Little Boy," exploded 1,900 feet above the courtyard of Shima Hospital, with a force equivalent to 12,500 tons of TNT. By the end of 1945, 140,00 people had died as a direct result of the bombing. Within the following five years, another 60,000 would die of bomb-related causes.

The bomb killed men, women, and children indiscriminately. It killed both military personnel and civilians. Although the city produced military items and housed soldiers, it was not selected as a "purely military target" as President Truman had promised. There were six civilians in Hiroshima to every soldier.

The second bomb, called "Fat Man," exploded over Nagasaki, Japan, at 11:02 a.m. on August 9, 1945. It exploded at 1,650 feet with a force of 22,000 tons of TNT. 70,000 people lost their lives in Nagasaki by the end of 1945 due to the bombing. A total of 140,00 died within the next five years.

Both bombings violated a long-standing principle of warfare, that civilians are not to be harmed by military action. That principle and the millions of civilians killed in 20th century wars are the greatest casualties of modern warfare. We cannot rescue the civilians lost in the first nuclear war. - Feb 11 2003

KDE Plasma Screenshots by fry1985 1 comment

add a small preview - Feb 11 2003

KDE 2 Themes by Hans 6 comments

Hmm. - Feb 11 2003
Not In My Name

Wallpaper Other by bongo 34 comments

Ok ok ok. So political content isn't the norm, and as far as wallpaper goes, the desktop icons can kind of get in the way...

But I say BRAVO. Nice to see that at least someone is trying to challenge our grey matter. Admittedly, I have seen most of this information before, but it is interesting to see a concise list of 'interferences'.

However, I disagree with the first comment for two reasons;

a. The three lines, (here in England), mean 'equivalent'. OK, a pedantic point, but it changes the argument.

b. As history shows, the Romans continually used the threat of war, (real, or frequently, imagined), as an excuse to invasion/intervention. More often than not, commercial interests were closest to the heart of the problem. Admittedly, the Nazis did not use these arguments themselves, but the arrangement of the logos suggests that the US between the two; imitating the Roman model, whilst creating the terror & oppression seen under the Third Reich. So it isn't a simple matter of sticking nasty logos together. (Hell, I only know what SPQR stands from because I read 'Asterix' as a child). I'm sure there are other interpretations of the logos, but the think I like the most about this wallpaper is that the viewer isn't spoonfed; something that always gets right on my...

Another plus is that it is factual, (although the references are all over the shop). It's not an insensible demand to kill Christians or Americans.

I think it fair to point out that berating the fundamentalist Christians in control of the US govenment doesn't have any reflection upon those of us that can actually USE our brains, and therefore have no relation to the current US government. So I wasn't offended.

This is obviously turning into a rant. I think I'd better have a lie down! :) - Feb 11 2003

Wallpaper Other by th.cherouny 2 comments

Nice bending there. - Feb 10 2003
The problem I find with that is the following:

default inherits red_dot (fine)

but red_dot is not complete yet, so it needs to inherit whiteglass.

I tried to include another index.theme inheriting "whiteglass" but multiple-inheritance doesn't seem to work as does in kde icons (or c++ ;-) ). At least it didn't work for me in the ~/.icons directories. - Feb 07 2003
Open Your Mind. Use Open Source.

Wallpaper Other by caveman 6 comments

"Free Your Mind. Free Your Software." - Feb 03 2003
See-Hear-Speak Debian

Wallpapers Debian by thanatos 3 comments

This wallpaper looks great! Could You make a release for Mandrake LINUX users? - Feb 01 2003

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by fault 43 comments

heh.. i still gotta hammer out a few leaks.. and then perhaps maybe i'll commit it to kdeartwork (need to merge in some stuff to kdefx too) - Jan 31 2003

Wallpaper Other by th.cherouny 2 comments

...the bar (though I wouldn't object to removing it) but I think the drops (spheres?) really spoil the picture. What I would like to see is an undistorted, undeformed "3". And I would prefer it to be much larger than the one in the pic. Very good work nonetheless.

Why didn't I think of that wavething? Darn... :) - Jan 27 2003

Wallpaper Other by th.cherouny 3 comments

I really like that one. Th. "Warhol" Cherouny... :)

But could you maybe provide your previews in 1024x768? For one thing I see no sense in a preview which is as large as the actual download. For another thing my machine at work can only run up to 1024x768. :) And scaling it down is a hastle without any image software installed.

Soyburg - Jan 27 2003
Blue Silk

Wallpaper Other by ramawarage 1 comment

It's very nice and makes a good background. However I would not put the text on it. It's easy to do that for everyone, but it's way harder to remove it. The text is very simple. I would have another opinion, if you would have applied some nice effects to the text, that make it integrate nicely with the background. - Dec 27 2002
wrong place at the wrong time

Wallpaper Other by basse 9 comments

thanks for the comments.

the community: www.elysiun.com
tutlinks: http://mysite.iptic.com/tutlinks/

those two will get you started..

something can be found from my pages too.. http://pasila.lib.hel.fi/~basse/blender/index.php
- Dec 27 2002

Wallpaper Other by Soyburg 6 comments

...with Pov-Ray. But if you are looking for a tutorial - here ist one:


There are a lot of tutorials around. Just check the doc- and resource-section at


You'll have to read a bit of theory first, but if you follow the beginners tutorial, you should have your first scene rendered in under an hour. Probably much faster. The only difficulty under Linux is the syntax for the commandline.

Again: The above image was not rendered with Pov-Ray, it was done under Win98 with a tool called Terragen. There is a tool called Terraform, which can create Heightfields and export them to Pov-Ray. - Dec 17 2002
no walls no windows

Wallpapers Windows by micknobody 2 comments

but post some screenshot please. - Dec 16 2002
[ScorpiTech] God like

Wallpaper Other by nick 11 comments

You may be right, but wouldn't the world be a lot more confortable if we just get the source of every prog we encounter ?? :p - Dec 14 2002

Wallpaper Other by carlo 7 comments

Not because it is a picture of a male but because it is a picture of a naked kid...
The Kyllie minogue wallpapers... she's over 21 I'm sure... 40?

tsk, tsk...
- Dec 13 2002

KDE Plasma Screenshots by robodream 1 comment

very nice... what xmms skins do you have ?
thx - Dec 13 2002

Wallpaper Other by chandro 23 comments

Is anybody of this anonymus a SuSE8.1 user? Has anybody of this Users made an Online-Update. Securety Patches and so on? after this update, i could nowhere log in with my Name only(anonymus).
Please tell me.

th.cherouny@web.de - Dec 11 2002

People by juanfon 34 comments

"But seriously, how does this relate to KDE?"

How does any other wallpaper relate to kde? look just left on the navigation bar and you will see the answer: Wallpapers..

so what? - Dec 11 2002

People by juanfon 34 comments

Personally, I'm completely sick of wallpapers with 'KDE' stuck all over them. I know what desktop I use, and my memory hasn't faded to the point where I need to look at the desktop to remember. But I don't complain whenever I see something that says 'KDE,' I just ignore it.

I like to see pretty girls on my desktop (I'm espescially fond of Laetitia Casta, btw), and I'm sure there are some girls that like to see pretty men on theirs. If you don't like it, don't download it, but please stop bitching about it.

Oh, and to the people out there who make wallpapers with the KDE dragon, 'KDE', or gears on them - I sure would like it if you made versions without KDE logos as well. Thanks. - Dec 10 2002
Crystal GT

Full Icon Themes by everaldo 385 comments

I rightclick the desktop KNode icon, choose the icon I want(the one with the grey globe and the paper), but the icon selector thing just won't accept it. Whenever I click on the wanted icon, it's just being ignored, and I am back at the previous "KNode settings" window.

Anyone got a workaround?? - Dec 10 2002
bugs desktop

KDE Plasma Screenshots by Amibug 8 comments

Yes please email it to me (bug@ecn.net.au) :)

As for Slick, im really too busy to create many new icons. especially 64x64. I think there are alot of icons that do match around the place. Soon I am gonna put a theme out that is a mixture of modified Gnome, (mostly) Slick, Crystal & OSX icons (I know it sounds horrible but so far I think its comming together pretty well)
Things like colors, perspectives and shadow densities has all been taken into account.
I have created some new icons aswell.
- Dec 10 2002
Geramik *and* ThinGeramik GTK Themes

GTK1 Themes by CraigD 183 comments

You're releasing almost faster than I can compile!

(I like that, btw) - Dec 10 2002
Crystal GT

Full Icon Themes by everaldo 385 comments

anybody got it to download the archive? Is there a mirror? Or could anyone send it to me? Thanx... - Dec 09 2002
how long it will take Hormel (the company that makes SPAM for those who don't know) to complain, if ever.

I like the fax icon, though. - Dec 07 2002

People by psch2004 18 comments

Nobody forces you to look on or download this nice picture. if you don't like it just don't look at this pic. it is a very nice background. something different, not allways the same "tux on something". and there is also nothing pronographic on it. - Dec 05 2002