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Alan Titus

System Sounds by todo 4 comments

Dude, the downloads are not working! Don't host the file on geocities... - Dec 30 2003
Sparkling Sounds

System Sounds by flow 10 comments

Good work. You are one talented dude man :) - Dec 26 2003

Wallpaper Other by flow 13 comments

Very enthusiastic... I like your previous works btw. Keep it going! - Nov 17 2003

Wallpaper Other by flow 13 comments

I love it! Beauty and style hand-in-hand. I wish more of the gazillion wallpapers on this site were as good. - Nov 16 2003

Karamba & Superkaramba by winelli 22 comments

The truth shall set you free, yeah! (hmm remind me of the matrix now)

Very useful anyhow! - Nov 14 2003

Various Stuff by kborrey 9 comments

Very true. For example, in composing music, I don't Linux at all, but have to switch to my xp box. Its not an option. - Apr 21 2003

Dolphin Service Menus by vahid 27 comments

What the above post says is very true and required in today's linux for the desktop (KDE). What I suggest is you find some way to incorporate this into the PROPERTIES dialog when I right click on a file and choose properties. Or even add an 'Advanced' Tab into the properties, where you can display this. Then this will be way cool. Best of luck! - Apr 21 2003

Icon Sub-Sets by RJDohnert 14 comments

Are you crazy to host a file on geocities? - Mar 27 2003
Slicker for the Determined ;-]

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by illogic-al 47 comments

License HAS to be filled in. - Mar 16 2003
Noia Warm 0.95

Icon Sub-Sets by Carlitus 61 comments

Excellent work! What else to say? - Feb 08 2003
KDE 3.1 & RedHat 8.0 & Beautiful Fonts

Various Stuff by maitre 7 comments

Hmmm... pretty useful! - Feb 06 2003